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Sunday, November 07, 2004

As I begin writing this halo 2 will be (officially) available at many midnight release parties (I hope to attend one) the game was leaked in french edition and earlier this week began selling ahead of time in the middle of the states. Reviews are now up on many game sites like gamespot and gamespy and its all good. If I don't get a copy now I at least need one for christmas!

Then you have the DS coming out the 21st of this month! I plan to get one if I have to do some trading of older games/consoles to get one. I particularly want sega's dating sim game Feel xy/xx looks fun! :)

Speaking of dating sims I figured I'd be one for the genre as I'm such a fan of love/comedy anime's and hentai anime so I finally tried one. Come see me tonight.

Come see me tonight Review:

Well I have enjoyed the game but still have mixed feelings about having dropped the 40$ for it (best price I could get) and am not sure I am happy about the money being spent on it, furthermore I will not be buying the sequel which I feel seems to have rehashed the characters and story its damn near the same thing!

Graphics- Awesome! Especially the sex pics obviously. Like most hentai games it is not moving but still pics with text. It is annoying having to go through the junk over and over though.. its only fun to read the same story once but thankfully each girl is different and then there is the grand finale which I skipped to after only beating it once and thats the HAREM!!!! :) Very nice stuff my congratulations go out to artist Maruto! You can gawk at the pics anytime in the extras menu once you unlock them all (I'm only half way there as you need to beat the game with each girl and the harem ending- multiple times even)

Audio- Fine nothing special in fact I'd say poor if it weren't a hentai game but it is. The music works fine, fits the games happy go lucky feeling. 16 tracks in total all unlockable and listenable in the extras menu

gameplay- well its a "visual novel" so gamplay is a joke. All you need is a mouse and then you just click and read and click....

Story- Shallow but most H games are I hear, for the most part who cares right? hehe. Nah I like story but this game is not one with much of a story I'd say on a scale of 0-5 it earns a 2-3 pt score.

Overall 7-8 pt score.

Now I have a new lupin dvd to watch also!

Oh and while I'm at it I'd like to highly recommend a new beverage I recently sampled (alright I drank two 20oz bottles) Kirin milk tea its delicious! Get some at either animenation or animecastle for about the price of two sodas