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Friday, October 08, 2004

Shenmue update:

At TGS I believe it was YU SUZUKI sega's man spoke of the shenmue series which is slow moving these last hell over 5 years starting on the sega saturn and not being finished until it hit dreamcast where only the first game was finished anyway they also did a CG movie and the series is very very original and fun next up we get an online game being planned for late 2005 not sure on everything but I'm interested very much so I want to get back over the story! Including this game or others but come on!

Nintendo Summit

Wow its been awhile! A long while! Well nintendo held a summit sharing info on the coming DS system and I am behind them, Ill be buying one of these when it comes out this holiday november 21st for 150$ and I know two games both date sims I'll be getting including sega's feel xy/xx game also seen at TGS in japan. Several other games including the mario games and animal crossing I am considering. This is my main deal this holiday!