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Friday, August 27, 2004

Well I was thinking about my goals for life and on that list is a popjapan travel trip. The company offers trips for a few grand and plans it all for you though spending money is needed to. I hope to go as a reward after college (meaning I hope family will help me go!) I'd like to go during spring/summer and experience old japan and some new and go again in fall/winter for more pop culture and some snow festival. Of course I also have plans to visit England and other places to, maybe find and befriend some hotties maybe come back with one either from japan or england or something.

Manga- Reading Negima and Ai love you both of which are by Akamatsu of love hina fame AI love you thankfully is published by Tokyopop so it comes out faster but negima is by Del rey and takes awhile for new issues to come out, not to mention I believe akamatsu is still working on it. I hear and would not doubt an anime for negima will soon come!

Anime- Right now All I have going is Azumanga daioh but I should start kino's journey soon and Steamboy is coming out this winter other than that I don't see much over the next few months.