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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Well I just bought myself a used copy of lost in translation, its
a great film well worth watching over and over again and owning much
like last samurai which I bought awhile back. I almost bought the 40$
wolf's rain vol. 1 boxset but didn't, maybe later. Also picked up 20$
Soul calibur 2 for gc yay! And halo for pc so I got some gaming to do
this summer still. Reading 1984 by george orwell its a classic and so
far a pretty good one. Other than that some news is floating about that
nintendo's DS will come in the second week of november for 180$ and
games at some 30+ dollars as much as 40$ possibly! I don't even buy
that many at the current price so heh. Ok later

Friday, July 16, 2004

Random News just got busted and severely damaged by the bust for distributing licensed anime, ADV busted them. Heh.
Bandai has been cracking down on bootleggers who produce bootleg dvds of their works at conventions like the recently passed anime expo.
Gantz season 2 will be starting at the end of august. I wish I could have finished the first one before it was licensed!
Game wise I dunno and haven't played much either. I'm thinking of getting halo pc for my birthday with some of my gift money.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My birthday is coming up in oh about 5 days :) can't wait I have some travelling and of course new goodies to. Love your library and use it, I just picked up the new lupin secret of mamo dvd ( I recommend it to lupin fans of course) Rating it a 3.5 or so out of 5 I enjoyed it. Also lots of manga at your library. Well other than that I just won an award giving me free goodies for reading to :)
Well later :)