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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Princess Ai

Looks like it could be the hit of the year in terms of manga, its a new series from tokyopop with Courtney love and Dj milky behind it, its an original american manga coming out July 6th I will have a review up soon on this site once I get it and of course check the above link out for more!

Love Love

From what I've seen of this short series (8 episodes) based on a dating sim game I believe, I am not impressed and will not be backing this one up. Don't waste your time. Its animation is nothing new that isn't a bad thing but its getting old the lack of creativity and innovation in visuals this shows. Also its not all that funny the jokes are old and get old after awhile and the fanservice is a bit over the top really its just a lame show that I can't give more than a 2 out of 5 rating. Skip it. Oh story you say I said nothing of characters and story? ITs about a guy wanting to be an actor who gets stuck making a documentary about girls making a cosplay movie. Bleh.

Monday, June 28, 2004


Has a new store of course and its full of goodies! But also they just opened a street team called manga force or something like that I just joined and they also launched a new flash player to enjoy as well! Also a new survey up about buying manga let them know and you could win something. I actually won once awhile back. I buy most of mine at hastings entertainment superstores but some at barnes and noble. I have yet to order online at all any manga. I've picked up a few titles through my library which is nice. :)

Wario ware inc is indeed the best game of the last year man. I've been playing the hell out of it since I bought it for summer which means I'm a bit behind but hey! Its great to just pick up and play real quick but is also addicting. And definetly strange, but this is a good thing. A must own and must play, great for travelling of course. 5 out of 5 points awarded.

That fun little political online game nationstates has been redesigned (the sites look) and should speed up and such to they say and so on yay! I still have and use most of all my first nation which is Josh Dollins named after myself its now the size of china hehe.

Animated Shorts!

I love em no joke. ANd now some commentary on the subject.

Computer animation is likely my fave for shorts dunno why but with flash in second and its close. Most probably prefer flash most people I know do.

Anyway stop by atomfilms and check out Ego and Grey 50% they were great.

Also see thats a great cg show you can watch some of it online at atomfilms and elsewhere or buy the great dvd.Another great musical cg animation is drum machine.

I can't find it but The clayman you know he worked on the recent Xiagra had a great HP lovecraft short out I wish I could find.

Best flash: Ninjai the littlest ninja, could hit big screen or dvd someday and could eventually be finished to! heh

And uh now for the crap: Avoid born sinners not just because I am a christian it got me to chuckle a bit but its just not that good. Same goes for Arj and poopie and Doodieman thats some lame shit (pun intended) Alright I need to quit watching this shit and go to bed but first up I should have some new anime reviews soon including my thoughts on the first eps of samurai 7 and a new romance/comedy based off a dating sim called "love love" so wait up! Other than that I have a trip to head off to so later peace out