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Saturday, June 26, 2004

"First" christian game developer

The report is wrong I've played several christian games by for instance N-lightening software

However these guys will be the biggest and the first one to succeed. YOu know whats sad? I played all the games listed (oregon trail,carmen and such) and I used to listen to odysey on radio.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Rumors and comments on them and more!

Just adding some patches to UT2004 I missed both of the patches and new game material to its been a month or more since I last played! But I'm back on! Still need some new games, perhaps for my birthday coming up this summer :)

Rumors have been around alot lately. Here they are.

bungie is developing a halo for gameboy or a portable console, like say ngage, gameboy, psp or others. This rumor is false though it could have been neat. How is it false? Bungie said so on their site and so did gamespot!

Nintendo DS games will cost 50$ a piece! Well nintendo has not confirmed it but Eb has them listed at that price and they have psp games listed their as well! Kinda sucks :( but they will be more expensive to develop and of a higher quality than previous games I'm sure I mean they look like playstation/n64/gamecube quality in visuals. Of the two consoles I have to say game wise I like the DS best but am leaning in favor of the psp well we shall have to wait and see which is the best choice :)

And here is something funny! gay marriage is indeed to be included in fable soon to hit the xbox someday haha! :) Controversy!