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Friday, June 18, 2004

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ten year anniversary!

Not a good one though really. Today is the day laws and such were passed to regulate video games and give out ratings like movies get. ITs not working to well and its just causing harm to the industry and if I'm not mistaken wasting time of government and government resources etc. Yes thank you joe lieberman! :( bastard! A recent study released says games aren't being rated well enough that many T rated games should be M and few games have been rated AO though some should have been. Fine and I would agree and could list some titles to. But the point is none of this is even needed and all its doing is hurting the industry and thus gamers and its uneeded! Dammit! Speaking of gaming I haven't done shit in the way of gaming for awhile now which.. doesn't bug me much actually I now play less than an hour a week for the last few weeks now and for the last few months its been like a few hours a week, thats healthy but whoa! hehe

Hey! I'm back its been awhile eh? Had a birthday celebration for my younger brother I got him the trigun mangas which it turns out Darkhorse comics will be releasing a new animanga (like tokyopop's cinemangas) in the future. We had a blast with a really tasty lotr cake and of course a week before his birthday we saw the new harry potter film which we both loved as did those who also attended. Also in other news anime expo is coming up and summer is in swing to we anime types are having a blast with no school and plenty of time! I just started watching a new show since Gantz was liscensed the new show is samurai 7 based of akira kurosawa's seven samurai its one of the first or few high def tv shows which cost about twice that of a regular anime to make, its a sweet show so far and I've seen a few eps. Also just picked up volume 2 of azumanga daioh the anime which like the first is well worth your time! And manga wise I've been reading ai love you which I just finished the latest third volume which hey was pretty good! Looking forward to more manga as soon as I can afford it but right now thats not the case. Maybe some more anime rentals soon would be good to dunno look for more soon now I'll stop rambling about various things :)