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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban review

The movie was great it had some fantastic special effects and followed the book well. Emma Thompson's character professor treelawney was pretty bizzare but not in a bad way and the new Albus Dumbledore went with her well but I prefer the original actor I have to say. Overall it was a good film worth seeing as always the books are better but the movies including this one are great. :)

4 out of 5 stars

Rave on tv tonight

The anime based off the manga also being released by tokyopop its on cartoon network tonight at 8:30 So check it out and look for edits or edit lists online and stuff I myself am not interested in this one.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

AH well yes harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban hits theatres tomorrow its gonna be huge and of course I'm looking into seeing it, possibly tomorrow! Also beware a virus is spreading I hear that claims to be a harry potter game so be on the look out! Also the harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban game is now available on all the current consoles I haven't tried it but I'm sure its as good as the last which means many will enjoy it (I myself don't like them) and if your into quidditch the game is selling for a bargain 20$ on all consoles.

Linkin park released their new video this one is for "breaking the habit" its animated by production team ig who recently worked on kill bill. Stream it here or find it for download.Its pretty sweet stuff.Update - Gonzo digimation also played a part in it.

Microsoft announced that true fantasy live online is now cancelled the us branch says its due to the complexity and cost and yadda yadda while Japan says its due to not being able to offer quality in the title. Who cares play PSO (phantasy star online) instead!