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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Bill turns parents into prosecuters against comics,dealers etc.

Read the above link. Not good I mean at least they capped it and they aren't really banning the stuff but still I'd prefer this not pass.

Friday, May 28, 2004

All anime movie theatre now open!Only one of its kind in the world and first of its kind, now open in japan!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Manga reviews

SGT Frog- A fun little manga coming in at 8 volumes written and created by Mine Yoshiaki its a fun read for all ages, cute to. Its not horribly fantastic at least not the first two volumes and I noticed as always tokyopop had some stupid errors but hey. 3 of 5 points consider it at least read it.

Negima- this is the new one, the latest of akamatsu-san's work though he is already working on another in japan. Its about a ten year old prodigy/magician its pretty damn funny and I think many if not most fans of love hina will enjoy it give it a shot. 4 of 5 points. This one is published by del rey it includes a Japanese preview of the next volume (number 2) and of course was in my opinion well done and includes translations notes. Del rey has done a good job I feel with what I've seen so far but I'm a bit upset they are releasing so few titles (4 as of now) and taking so long to release new volumes also they cost a bit more than tokyopop mangas but meh perhaps as time passes the price will decrease a dollar or so and they will kick up production? lets hope so.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I was hanging out at the local hastings for the release of Lord of the rings 3 on dvd around 50 people showed up it was great started a little before midnight and lasted till 1 am or nearly two I believe. The dvd is great btw. Anyway tokyopop has an official store open now where they sell there stuff check it out. Also I picked up some new manga: Negima by ken akamatsu new from Del rey manga I'll let ya know what I think of their work and the manga itself. I also picked up Sgt frog from tokyopop which looks pretty good I'll be back soon! :)