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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Custom Robo Review for GameCube at GameSpot looking into picking this one up as a rental soon if I can I'll let ya know what I think. NOte: originally released in japan on nintendo's n64dd an n64 add on

E3 final wrap up: The phantom

it seems there is one new homeconsole coming, its the long waited,rumored,rumors galore mongering phantom. At e3 the console was demoed, it plays pc games among others (no games announced yet) it looks pretty cool and has some nice powerful specs (I'd rather play on it than my pc) also its going to be out by xmas around november 18th and get this will cost 200$ to buy or is free with a 2 year service contract, the service is 30$ a month. Now if I can play pc games on this, on my tv and the hardware is impressive and I can get other games to (rentals!Trials! etc.) I may actually pick this thing up but its the 30$ a month fee along side paying for the games that bugs me it sounds a bit expensive I'd like severe cuts and some good games before I commit. $$$$