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Friday, May 14, 2004

Still yet more on E3 and gaming!

Not only is EB offering pre orders of nintendo's new portable the DS for about 200$ but they now are offering a new limited edition of Halo 2 that includes commentary and a making of feature along with art galeries and it comes in a tin box. This is a good one for all the die hard halo fans who have tshirts action figures and so on :)

Sega is of course also working on and showing off the astroboy games for ps2 and gba, but rumor has it a huge announcement is to come! A new home console I doubt sighting sega's cut back in size and finances but a portable is possible, yes another portable! We shall see! Also it turns out they are working on the matrix online as well along with a pretty neat game for the eyetoy on ps2.

More E3

YEs well a gundam seed game was shown (see gamespot among others) for gba and ps2 its gundam assualt so you remember the first assualt games on psone right? Fun little fighter for gundam fans.

Did I mention tecmo had a sweet booth? they did. And there upcoming collectors/online edition of their popular series of DOA is gonna be sweet it includes the old game and number 3 I believe complete with online play and a collectible pack of cards it should hit this summer.

Also for fighting fans SNK is showing off king of fighters game on ps2 and such, they are alive and well!

Sega had a number of games including otogi 2 for the xbox there first big hit of its kind after some similar titles failing on the gamecube and xbox as well as ps2. They also showed off a sonic game for Nintendo's DS :)

TV games: Yeah actually alot of em. Stargate Sg-1 is getting one on pc, as is ER and another law and order game. Er and Stargate might be fun stargate likely the best.

Again I'd have to say Gamespot has the best coverage and so do the individual companies themselves, and of course me so keep up with all this coverage somehow at least.

Dog's Life E3 2004 Hands-On - Dog's Life Previews for PlayStation 2 at GameSpot
Strange and as far as I know a first.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Donkey Kong - Game & Watch Emulator hmm.. interesting! :)

E3 coverage begins!

First up yes the site is seeing some changes :)

ANd now for my E3 coverage a good site for coverage:gamespot thanks to them I almost feel like I was really there, a big thanks.

So xbox first then:well the big games being fps games like doom 3, halo 2, unreal championship 2, and of course the star wars republic sequel. I'm really excited about doom 3 on xbox and its exclusive co-op mode. Unreal championship 2 is going to be much better than the last and for the first time ever will actually include a real one player story mode which I am psyched about. Halo 2 of course is the biggie! At e3 they demoed a level titled "zanzibar" (sp?) and showed off the new features like dual weapons, new vehicle designs/destruction, and so on. NOt to mention its coming soon they say and multi is gonna be sweet!!!!!!

Nintendo had some damn fine stuff. Mostly with the DS portable I am now officially stoked about! The thing looks a bit large I guess but so cool looking. The innovations with touchscreen/dual screen,wireless tech is pretty neat and the games look sweet, imagine playing n64 visual games with up to four friends wirelessly and all this and more on the go! The console is already being pre ordered out by a number of stores for about 200$ I hope its that or less I want one! Nintendo says they don't plan on killing the gba sp which seems true with all the games they still have lined up for gba, the DS is not supposed to do any connections to the GC.

Sony's psp is looking sweet. The console has a beautiful design, some good games of course and I believe is also priced around 200$ for the first time in a long time I am really psyched about portable gaming and I'd love to own both of these fine consoles.

Ngage is just looking well still poorly. They showed off some games most of which were blah. They should have done the new design and all these games at launch, and now with psp and Ds at e3 they're overshadowed there and forever more. :P

Besides portables and FPs games I found myself interested in a few others like nintendos release to come of donkey kong bongo musical game I wasn't expecting to hit the USA along with a mario pinball.

Halo 2 seems to be the big winner of E3 especially for M$, nintendo is getting attention for its DS console mostly with attnetion to its games of course as well and I have to say I am most pleased with nintendo who also has some good stuff for zelda fans to.

One more quick thing a patch is now available for Unreal tournament 2004 which I am still enjoying very much so. I still need some more memory to more full enjoy, and I recently joined a clan I need to get active with.

More sooon!