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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Azumanga Daioh anime dvd review: I've heard you will either love or hate this show. I myself came out loving this show! ITs funny not horribly so but funny, the animation is good and its definetly pretty cute. The music is well nothing special but I recomend giving this show a rental and see if you like it I myself will be finishing it, the manga is also available. A 4 of 5 rating seems good.

Free! Get tribes 2 pc game for free in honor of the coming tribes vengeance game stop by gamespy to pick it up I think I will.

Found another free online game some may enjoy its like nationstates but with and mostly dealing with war, pretty fun and free for now sign up and enjoy. I am the nation Rakuen. Speaking of nationstates I've managed to nearly abolish income tax I'm down to 12% and happen to be doing a good job in the freedoms area wheeee

Finally bought mario sunshine a year or two late but I though hey its 30$ brand new and its the perfect time of year (spring/summer= sunshine) to play it. So now I have it to enjoy and beat. I recomend it highly by the way.

Later. Damn its been awhile