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Friday, April 30, 2004

Howl's moving castle video clip released

The guys just posted about it though the clip was released back in January, but hey its ok I to missed it. Unless this is old which it may be and I just forgot but the post on nausicaa was dated April and I can't remember seeing this clip. It can be downloaded off in wmp8 format and mpeg you may need software to unzip the files also.

Book Recomendation: William Gibson's Idoru I finally picked it up and highly recomend it now that I am finished :)

Also got some new games to speak of coming soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Wow its been a bit. Been gaming as usaul but nothing new just unreal and some old stuff. E3 is coming up so you will see alot of stuff about that on this site and others. And of course the Nba playoffs are now in session! Not that you anime types or gamers care but I do so maybe some of you do, basketball is my sport. :)

Anime wise I've started getting some new subs lately: gantz the new 11 ep show by Gonzo digimation is looking pretty good so far, and I am still watching the political show yugo which is alright I started and now I need to finish! And of course I am looking into rumours that a few years back a second future boy conan was made ? I found a similar ghibli title entitled 3000 leagues in search of mother though its 52 eps and even from just reading about it I doubt I will like as much as FBC. Some new Miyazaki films are on the way both of which I will/would like to see though neither sounds particularly great. Big miyazaki films for me to still see include: his new film howl's castle, and yes I have still not seen porco rosso or my neighbor totoro.

Wolf's rain a show I absolutely loved watching on sub awhile back is coming to the USA on dvd at the end of June and is already on Adult swim. All they edited of the first ep was the entire opening song and most of the ending sure thats not to bad but I'm still pretty pissed. I may buy some of the series on dvd to get the new eps and I wouldn't mind some collectibles and such. Definetly watch this one. The dub was fine but nothing special.