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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Yes well tenchi is pretty popular right now because of Tenchi Muyo GXP in fact the international chanell has started showing tenchi stuff on their channel unedited! They also showed AH! MY goddess movie unedited as well. Yay! Speaking of Ah! My goddess rumors are about that more anime is to come :) Even ANN has been giving it some coverage. Don't know much about it though.

Rising Stars of manga volume 1 review: Finally picked this up (you really should use your library!) and hey it was pretty good. I liked this guy's best. The first one which won the grand prize was also indeed good. All of them were decent and worth the time.

I just found out the love hina best selection cd is out this month so I'll be picking that up and volume 2 of ai love you maybe some initial d. I got money and a little time not much though. So look for more reviews.

Another quick bit of news has its gundam info site up and gundam has sold 1 million dvds in Japan whoa!