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Friday, March 12, 2004

Currently playing/watching: Unreal tournament 2004 alot of it. And as for viewing I recently watched memories the new show from akira creator well I need to watch it. heh. And I'm still watching gilgamesh. I am also awaiting the ending of true love story oav and am searching through numerous series to watch. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Doom 3 for the Xbox gets exclusive co-op mode - Xbox News at GameSpot yes well I do think I want this game and I want it xbox! man I have a huge list of games I've neglected to buy or preorder. So far halo is the best I've done with a pre order I guess I need:ninja gaiden, preorder doom3, ultimate doa, and a handful of older titles and of course others that will pop up. And hardware wise it seems the psp will be the soonest release of consoles that I may be buying unless we get a surprise from another company. God I'm poor and way to busy for all this.

Ninja Gaiden could get Euro makeover - Xbox News at GameSpot boo! No censorship! No edits!

Random madness!

Final fantasy concert is sold out and took place today.

Speed racer special edition volume 2 is coming out with goodies. I loved that show as a kid maybe I'll pick this up.

Adv has liscensed maburaho, no more digisubs guys!

Ann had some downtime this week.

Oh and unreal tournament 2004 is out go pick it up the game kicks @$$ I've played several hours just today! :) - About SAIKANO now for the manga and anime. I got half way throught the anime and to number 2 of the manga. manga I can finish and afford. the dvds are gonna take time to even come out and look expensive :( cool site

Anime News Network - Japanese Box Office

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

R:racing revolution Review

multi? yes for up to 2 players

Graphics: Were good sure but things were missing it seems I don't know all they included was 480p hdtv I would have liked at least 780p to have also been supported and maybe more detail. 8

Sound: The music sucked just your typical instrumental stuff nothing special and no custom soundtrack support. Vehicles sounded ok. 7

Gameplay: Well sure it was fine arcade mode is a nice way to jump in and learn then go to the main mode which is story not that it has a great story mind you just a girl who drives an ambulance real well getting a chance to become a race car driver through some group wippee! Controls were ok and customizable but I was annoyed the vehicles could have controlled better they seemed out of allignment for christ sakes! For those who suck at braking and such there is a brake assister thats nice. multi could have been better to via better music and the availability for maybe better everything like more players able to play.

Replay: Theres lots here I guess but I doubt you'll ever replay the story mode as the story's not that great and it takes a bit of time to finish (not long maybe a full day I beat in a rental) and then you can re race in arcade and time attack which are just meh. As for the challenges those might keep you for a bit longer. multi is a joke with only two players and a bit boring not likely to keep you busy.

Overall: 7 its not a bad game nor a good one.Rent.

New Releases on GameSpot as I've said for a long while I'm way behind and have lots of games to play anyway so this weeks list of crap games is no big deal.. for me and even then I still would have liked some good ones. I here worms is ok for party's but not a worthy purchase really. That firefighter game just doesn't look like you'd want to own it when such games are super cheap on pc and or way more fun in an arcade.