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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Rumor Control: Microsoft buying Midway and more Need for Speed - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot the midway & m$ thing may be bogus but you have to think about it for awhile I mean hell theyd be a good match and all. And more fuzion frenzy and tomb raider? Come on no more mediocre!

Call of Duty nabs Game of the Year at D.I.C.E. - News at GameSpot

Prime-time TV losing out to PS2 - News at GameSpot if I had xbxlive I'd rather play than watch also.


Finally reserved halo 2 for 5$ at my local hastings also rented R Racing revolution for xbox I'll have a review later. And it seems xbox Next will not have a hardrive news continues to say. While you wait for that review (among possible others) enjoy: thesecretmachines
great band, great music you can stream online and then buy and download months before the real cd is out! I love it enjoy.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Dead or Alive Ultimate delayed - Xbox News at GameSpot :( as long as its worth the time and money and I like it.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sitting around thinking of the coming summer and I have the gaming part figured out: dead or alive ultimate, xbox live, other live games. Otherwise I have yardwork,swimming running playing and anime to download and bbq. I wish it'd hurry and arrive at least spring has nearly sprung. Get this I've started recieving gamepro for free signed up on some site and got it free 12 issues saved 20$ also got ahold of pcmag at magazine city. heh.

the old one was pretty good but I haven't entirely finished it I always fall asleep watching the sub late at night. I look forward to this.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Electronic Gaming Monthly Teaches You How to Power Shop I occasionally trade but rarely I should say. Now this used buying I do more often still not as often as buying new but that is about to change.

Phantom playable at E3 - News at GameSpot cool. THis gives me an xbox feel but smaller more powerful and it will play pc games. Also this online thing means online play, movie previews perhaps demos and full game rentals all at home if its like this and affordable with good titles I'll be buying one. One thing I've noticed I tend to have all the hardware available all I miss currently is a ps2 I have everything else but I have few games like 15 about 5 per current console heh.

GameCube selling out in U.S. - News at GameSpot yep now everyone's getting one partially because they wanted one to begin with and the whole nintendo franchises and parents of course like nintendo and the price is awesome now. bah I bought it first thing! hmph. At least it looks saveable unlike the dreamcast even with low prices and well it was perfect just like the cube it still didn't make it I was affraid that was happening to the cube, apparently not. :)

Monday, March 01, 2004

Tech News Watch - Channels - Lockergnome actually alot of gamers aren't fat maybe more so than they could be minus games but I think most don't mind a few extra pounds. Now some of us just get a little out of control I myself now run on a tred mill and drink water while gamin' hahah :)

Violent? Well gta sure that might be a problem otherwise... meh

Akamatsu-san speaks out on Negima

Yes well as you heard this week del rey was going to edit the manga then not edit it some posts were made by akamatsu-san the mangaka behind the manga on his site the ailove network he said he wasn't mad it was all a misunderstanding and actually pretty funny. :) Glad its all ended well.

Untitled Document get your toonami tunes volume two!