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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Australian IT - Tamagotchi returns (Correspondents in Tokyo, FEBRUARY 04, 2004) I remember these from elementary school when I started to love all things Japanese from well the girls of course :) to anime mostly pokemon type stuff. I remember it wasn't as big a deal as pokemon (25% or so of the kids at my school had the games and more than 50% watched the show and collected the cards ) I remember them though and I remember wanting one even though only a few kids had them (maybe thats why?) and the few who did were well I didn't know but one she was Japanese (my first crush :) so yeah sorry for babling I think I want one of these if and when they hit the us or at least I will go get one off ebay or something! *hurries off to relive younger days*

-- Negima to not be censored
Dallas Middaugh, Director of Manga at Del Rey, has announced the following: "NEGIMA, Volume 1: Magister Negi, by Ken Akamatsu, will be published by Del Rey on April 27th as scheduled without any alterations to the author's original artwork and text. At the suggestion of one of our leading national book retailers, copies of NEGIMA will be shrinkwrapped with a label that states: "Contains Explicit Content, Ages 16+" on the front of the book." Which is the same thing tokyopop has been doing with akamatsu-san's works. I will read this one but it will be the first of his brilliant works I don't purchase I'm not a huge magic person. Ai love you is great though.

ADV Films announced today, at Kamikaze Con, the acquisition of Getbackers, Mezzo TV and Hello Kitty Sanrio Paradise. mezzo is awesome but now I have to wait for dvds instead of getting the subs I've been watching. :(

Friday, February 27, 2004

Area 51 update - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot the arcade game is a blast, I'm excited! :)

More Midway Arcade Treasures unearthed - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot I love old school stuff to an extent at least. I love my gameboy games and I love some atari now and then online for free (i'd love one of those paddles that has 10 in one games though for 30$) and I have to say I might be buying these midway titles hey they are pretty cheap to.

Anime News Network - New Shoujo Manga Magazine for Boys - Top Stories - Doomsday Cult Leader Sentenced to Death

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Anime News Network - Sound Decision - Rock 'n Roll I can back up the flcl review here though its short its a damn good cd actually better than my recent akira review I'll give this one a 3 outta five.

Volume three of Nobuhiro Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin manga has secured the top spot on BookScan's list of best selling graphic novels over the last two weeks. The book has sold over 8,500 copies since its January 24th release. Also notable is Kenshin's place on BookScan's Overall Adult Fiction Top 100, which considers all mainstream American book purchases. I've still yet to read these but they are available so soon perhaps.

Anime News Network - Cartoon Network launches "Miguzi" block - Politics - Congress Holds Hearing on Indecency

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Doom 3 due April 15? - PC News at GameSpot

Next Xbox to skip hard drive? - News at GameSpot hmm... another way to make money via mem cards and such. Well that sounds good if by getting rid of the hds the console will be smaller and lighter I also still want: faster processor, better graphics of course sure why not, no need for dvd remote, and a 3 disc tray!

PSP held back?

thats what is being said, that the console is being held back until as late as march 05. I'm interested somewhat but am pretty happy with nintendo's monopoly of the portable market and polls say most are.

Interstella 5555

Was an ok film die hard fans should buy it most of us should just rent it. I downloaded it :) anyway turns out some action figures are coming also. heh.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

New Releases on GameSpot not a good line up of releases this week :(

Capcom and Sega collaborating on new PC game - News at GameSpot I've come to enjoy pc games but still am very skeptical of the whole online game idea on pc's you know the mmogs this one could be my first that I enjoy I've played a few and liked none but with this we shall see the heavy anime influence and the fact that sega is working on it sure helps I just hope its affordable and fun.

The AMV awards

See to download these and more!

Best comedy: I wish I was a lesbian
Funny video reminds me of the classic:tainted donuts

Best drama:euphoria, techno tunes with rahxephon scenes
I'm not a fan of the anime this is still a good vid

best love hina: Tommy B rude's "the hell that is keitaro's life" featuring zebraheads "the hell that is my life" and video from the anime love hina.

best akira: not sure by who I think some german group its akira riot scenes with rage against the machine's "beautiful world"

My favorite videos of 03 :)

Classic Square RPGs going cellular - News at GameSpot

GameSpotting Shareware Edition indeed this week was a good one the 32x article was nice I'm a huge sega fan who owns no or few sega items :(
and this demo discussion of course demos help I've played several recently that are/were a blast and thus have several pc titles on a list of to buy games. I've always loved getting game console discs via mags but imagine how much better it would be to download them like off of xbxlive m$ this is brilliant now implement!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Review:Akira Soundtrack

First off damn this is a tough one to find but most anime sdtks still are. The music is great but the sdtk has little of it really only 10 or so tracks I don't think I can recommend or say this is a great sdtk its not a bad one its a good one but I wouldn't pay much more than 10-13$ for it and have fun finding it score: 3 of 5 points.

Look for reviews of: Daft punk's discovery and insterstella 555 later this week. Hopefully I can get some other stuff to :)