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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Coding Experiments:LainOS a lain operating system! I think I'll wait till it hits a final version or at least beta.

Spot On: Cracking the Chinese market - News at GameSpot I just don't like the way mmogs play and I don't like to play nor do I want to be horribly addicted either, lots of things for them to work on like lower prices and of course millions of small things in addition to the gameplay which I doubt the typical gameplay will change. D&D and lotr sound good maybe.

Half life 2 on xbox? I mean look things aren't going well on pc so I doubt it but then again maybe thats why? For awhile there eb games was taking pre orders but have now stopped doing so.

Rumors are floating about that the new handheld from sony is now finished, well a prototype anyway.

Nintendo will be patching pokemon ruby and sapphire but the patch will only be available to those who buy pokemon coliseum. Kind of a shame. These would be the big rumours and by big I mean even mainstream is paying attention.

Anime News Network - Inuyasha and Chobits Action Figures

Gamespy is holding some polls for games you can vote in called title fight only one game will be left in the end. Go vote! Rock the vote! hehe :)

Thursday, February 19, 2004 Drawing In the Gals -- Feb. 16, 2004 and of course girls should have manga to enjoy and trust me they do. Just stop by your shop(s) and you'll find tons of others besides the new hit now in stores:fruits basket.

Sonic Heroes

finally tried sonic heroes not bad but not good either. Visuals were good and sound though it seems aimed toward a young crowd its still decent and the camera can suck. Anyway rent it or buy on the cheap 3 outta five

U.S. Final Fantasy concert confirmed for May - News at GameSpot I'm not a huge fan of playing the games but I love the visuals and certainly the music they offer. I'd love to attend this.

Tsunami of new features hitting Xbox Live - News at GameSpot makes me want it all the more, I need a extension cord for my controller and a wireless headset.

David Crawford - SMS

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Sony Pictures - Memories official USA site.

Viz quietly released a press release dated February 13th, announcing their June 2004 manga releases. Saikano, Cheeky Angel, Imadoki and Red River will all premiere in June.

I so want saikano manga and anime.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Gundam seed dvd release in 2004 and its officially confirmed.

F-Zero 2 confirmed for Europe - Game Boy Advance News at GameSpot

Monday, February 16, 2004

C2BF AnimeReactor coordinated effort yes help out I am and we all should.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

New Releases on GameSpot in my opinion nothing good but thats just me. This weeks releases.

Ai love you

Thumbs up now go get it! Since love hina was and is so popular this should be easy to find even I found it in this little town of mine. Nice new usa only cover art and an interview with akamatsu-san However tokyopop is releasing it one issue every two months :( its eight issues long.

With new notebook, Dell says 'game on' - News at GameSpot a year or two ago my 8200 dell was the same as this one "the gamers notebook they said. Soon this one will be absolute. Sounds good but a note: machines this powerful and portable weigh and cost alot which is why I won't be buying another like it. Next time I go ultraportable. Just get a desktop if you travel this thing will drag you down in two ways