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Friday, February 06, 2004

Spot On: Games Gone Wild - News at GameSpot heh yes now for the hentai. Hey I'm fine with adults playing this stuff and fine more of it to come but keep it away from kids and rate it properly some of these games coming out and I'm sure many to come should be rated AO and plenty M v3.0 --=-- Goodbye Red Boxes... animenewsnetwork is upgrading its hardware (server a new one!) to better serve you with faster speeds. :) you can get alot of it here just plain text nice and fast plus rumours and news from elsewhere though! :)

Suncoast employees were instructed to remove the Berserk and Steel Angel mangas, along with adult video titles Rei Rei and Countdown from store shelves. However, some stores report that other similar titles such as La Blue Girl and Blade of the Immortal have remained on store shelves. Suncoast officials were unavailable to comment on the removal. I heard about this at the mall. Didn't look into it sorry. All I have to say is they should remove all such material dammit and really shouldn't they allow such films to exist in their stores but not anime? DO it all or not. I'd prefer they just not sell to the young and maybe have the section its in clearly labeled this is just dumb meh

ColorWare have your console colored! I like my gamecube as it is or this one designe I saw elsewhere. And my xbox I'd rather have in a clear case. Anyway thought you might like this also I believe Yoshi of tss on techtv is talking about this tonight. :)

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Astroboy Gba game preview

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Gamespy's top ten rts pc games of all time. Yeah those are good ones rise of nations and star craft being my faves.

Anime News Network - Shelf Life - How to be a mo-flo yep last exile is the next series I need to get on dvd or tv (techtv's au). Otherwise I'm just manga and fansubs and that dvd mentioned below to.

Anime News Network - Review only problem its harder than hell to find if you don't live in a bigcity or buy it online. I need to pick it up I never had the cd but listened to a friends copy all the time, hell we danced to it for hours it was like ddr without the machine! hahaha yeah I need this dvd soon. / Industries / Media & internet :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


@large manga: tokyopop
sent me this to enjoy and stuff well I have to say I'm not a fan of such topics as this one I can get into initial D and jet set radio but not this however hip hop types may very well like it but and I'm trying to be fair here:2 outta five.

Diamond Dust Drops fansub: first off I think ideology does the best sub of this but thats just me. Also its a pretty decent show, reminds me of Boys be a bit but from girls perspective. Not bad, not as good as boys be but I'm still watching it:3 outta five.

Lost in translation Dvd: Well the movie itself is great and widescreen is like in theatres you also get good sound and video options otherwise like subtitles and stuff. The extras are great this is one hell of a dvd: 4 outta 5 - ZipZaps� SE micro RC Featuring Initial D� an initial d online free game! wheeee! Its based on radioshack's zip zap rc cars, now how about some real zip zaps styled after initial d or do they already have them? I want one if they do! Other than sega should really bring the ps2/arcade game here to!

Comix Wave has announced that, starting in April, it will serialize a manga adaptation of Shinkai Makoto's Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a Distant Star) in its monthly manga anthology, Afternoon. The manga will be by Sahara Mizu.

It is also worth noting that when Bandai re-issues its back catalog in March it will be re-pricing many of its DVDs to $19.98.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Pac-Man vs. giveaway for Europe - GameCube News at GameSpot

Crystal Chronicles dated for Europe - GameCube News at GameSpot

Xbox 2 specs revealed--but are they fact? - News at GameSpot hmm... I'm still not even sure I give a damn. Nintendo is dissapointing me to with their next console hell if things go the way they are I may not by a new console again.