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Saturday, January 31, 2004

KODA KUMI Official Web Site this women rules! I love crazy for you which is the theme song for gilgamesh she also worked on the latest final fantasy ps2 game. :)

some virtua fighter, outrun 2 and shenmue talk yay! A virtua fighter for xbox would be nice and info on shenmue 3 (info soon game shortly after please!) outrun sequel yippie please let me rent it sega! Or make it cheap like 20$ and I'll give you that purchase.
If the console comes out cool looking small light portable and affordable (doesn't seem as cheap as I'd like but I might still buy it) and has good games (so far no) I just might in fact the service sounds great it saves space and could be really great for demos and rentals :) we shall see

Friday, January 30, 2004

The Nightmare Before Christmas Preview from oh snap! I can't wait for this I will be renting a ps2 and this or buying or something!

The Guy *rolls eyes* and yet has to admit they got some hotties But I doubt I will like or even play this. Rise of nations however! Gamespy rules. wanna play me just drop me a line or look for JD1588 on gamespy.

Halo 2 release falls back - Xbox News at GameSpot as long as its great plus this will gives us all time outdoors in the sun and stuff and we can get it new for xmas! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Limited-edition crystal Xbox for Europe - News at GameSpot ah man thats lucky. Just doing it because they hurtin overseas

Xbox Dancing Stage and mat bundle for UK - Xbox News at GameSpot I love these games. Rejoice brits rejoice! :)

TechTV will be airing two episodes of Last Exile every night starting Monday March 8th and finishing Saturday, March 13th. They've moved the broadcast to the more visible 10-11 pm time slot.

Following the broadcast of episode 12 on Saturday, Tech TV will re-air all 12 episodes on Sunday, March 14th, starting at 4pm, followed by episode 13 at 10pm.

They have also confirmed that the will acquire episodes 14 to 26 for broadcast in early 2005.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Anime News Network - Gundam Seed on Cartoon Network

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage

Anime News Network - Astro Boy Game on Its Way

Anime News Network - Wolf's Rain Delay Incorrect yay!!!

Damn rise of nations is fun I still haven't one even a quick battle but hey its still fun. In fact it got a readers choice award at gamespot. Other than that hope all is well and I'd like to mention shadow's bittorrent gets my support! :)

New Releases on GameSpot still haven't played sonic heroes. :(

Monday, January 26, 2004

Anime News Network - Rintaro in Chicago

New anime round up

well I'm back from holiday! And I did watch a little anime in the past month or so I need to speak out about real fast before I become busy again :( maria sama is well crap. Yumeria is so-so and well not worth your time really maybe try it. I still have Uninhabited planet to try and a few new series still also but these two I wouldn't waste time with myself just try and see I've seen up to ep 3 of each and made my verdict.