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Friday, January 16, 2004

some fun little short films here. from the uk

Anime News Network - New Candy Candy merchandise sees daylight live-evil fansubs has released a movie of candy candy.

Anime News Network - Anime Exhibit In Seattle fun for the kids, hell even I'd like to go. I really wanna go to seattle this just gives another reason. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Sundance film festival starts tonight I wanted to go so badly. :( turns out though that you can pay ten bucks and watch videos from sundance online! Its the festival but online! If I can do this in addition to the digital cable channel I've enjoyed happy happy! I still want to go to one of those damn festivals in person soon though.

Reports from people who have seen the recently-aired first episode of Burn-Up Scramble state that Geneon Entertainment (USA) is credited as a producer in the end credits.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Japanese releases of the final four episodes of Wolf's Rain have been delayed. DVD volume 9 with episodes 27 and 28 has been delayed until February 7th, and volume 10 with the last two episodes has been delayed without any new date announced. :( well as long as its good and worth the wait and money.

well the online christian manga Steelblood has moved domains to
so thats where the comic will continue and speaking of which she did a huge update around 20 pages so go enjoy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Animefringe: January 2004 - Features - Animefringe Top 25 2004 the list!

Well Tony Allen from MVM has confirmed that they now definately have the Tenchi movies 1&3 and Armitage Poly Matrix and have agreed terms for Love Hina, it's specials and the Ranma 1/2 movies which basically means that barring an act of god (or expensive lawyers), they should get the rights to those. He also mentioned that MVM also intend to bring out the UY OVA's at some point in the future.

Is it just me or are brits screwed on anime and gaming except for some occasions and pc gaming?

The Seattle Times: Television: Anime classic 'Astro Boy' returns with new episodes

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japanese manga ruled obscene censorship! Just isn't right man. Now of course his defense is wrong for trying to point to worse behaviour wrong behavour is wrong behaviour regardless of which is worse etc. however I have to say if the book is labeled for adults only covered with packaging and in adult stores only and such there should be no problem.

Disney closes Florida studio, 258 jobs may be lost - Jan. 12, 2004 :( loss of jobs and tradition. A shame.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Akadot - News - 45th Annual Japan Record Awards

Akadot - News - Mario Immortalized in Wax

Anime News Network - Press Release

The Sims Bustin' Out for N-Gage - N-Gage News at GameSpot crap game for a crap console. :(

Reviews - Love Hina - Volume 1 - my man Karsh over at is now reviewing the love hina manga (instead of me) :( still working on the fansub review feature over there. In addition to the forum we have added a chat feature so try it out and if you haven't already join the forums.

According to the December issue of the Official Playstation Magazine a columnist named Gary Steinman will be the new editor-in-chief of Newtype USA. Steinman had been with OPM for five years.

Anime News Network - Satoshi Kon in New York Times

Anime News Network - Megumi Hayashibara News congrats Megumi! :)