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Friday, January 09, 2004

New anime in Japan this month

new shows include: monkey turn, yumeria and maria you can get previews off of which is currently down so try some of the mirrors. I've seen the previews which were all decent really you just have to watch a few eps so we shall see. :)

Initial D live action movie

The Chinese produced live action adaptation of Initial D, directed by Tsui Hark and featuring Edison Chen as Takumi, is set to begin filming in Japan in March. The movie is set to be release simultaneously in Hong Kong and mainland China later this year.

Anime News Network - Press Release

rumors galore!

Grand theft auto 4 was originally said to be in Vegas by gamespot and others which seems most likely but rumors abound a few of which say Tokyo perhaps.

Also it is said perfect dark 2 will be an xbox 2 launch title. They better have it on PC cause as of now I don't really wanna buy another xbox.

Also rumors about the new Nintendo system things like the title "n5" are floating about and that the console will play older games. It may also come out as soon as this march. March is to soon how about 2005 march? Or this coming xmas? Even then I'm not sure I'll get one the rumors make it sound thus far like a redux console that plays mostly oldies

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D a free version of the classic n64 game. In 2d. very neat. Look for more of the game as time passes and hey give the guy some cash to maybe?!

thank god new shows are coming cause I'm running out of anime. kiddy grade starts soon they just launched a trailer in wmp or quictime small medium or large formats the show is out next month as is ai love manga and more I can't wait!

Release Dates

Steamboy will be hitting theatres in July.
Del rey will be releasing its first wave of manga titles on April 30th
Riot gear comics a christian manga/comics company has launched its site: and will be releasing volume one of its "the way" comic soon I may pick this up so look for more.

YUKIKAZE the official site by bandai is up

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Xbox sales strong, Halo 2 held back? - Xbox News at GameSpot
Halo 2? now! not later!

Old games for new Nintendo machine? - News at GameSpot
heard this rumour awhile back and have been discussing it and looking for significant proof: here ya go! :)

oh canada!

Cowboy bebop will also be appearing on French canadian movie channel Super Ecran its in English on Tmn this is all in canada folks french or english you decide.

Also google search listed Inuyasha as a top search in canada for some reason the result doesn't surprise me much it seems like it would be a hit up there, it is here in Idaho as well.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Anime News Network - Media Blasters Comic Label on the Way

Update: well I recently finished Chobits the manga and must say though the ending was short (all the volumes were fairly short but this was like a 30 min read) it ended pretty well if you like your ecchi manga and a good romance story pick up chobits. Also lupin the third: voyage to danger was a decent film worth a rental and or a viewing it wasn't good or excellent but worthy a watch and a three out of five score. Next I will be getting lupin dragon of doom. Don't forget the original series is on adult swim starting tonight.

STARZ Super Pak - Title View yes cowboy bebop the film will be on these days at these times on starz.

Sonic Heroes ships for GameCube - GameCube News at GameSpot hahahaha gamecube owners get it first! looks sweet. I will be picking this up as soon as I can :)

Wild Metal Country now free - PC News at GameSpot meh. The game got bad reviews and rightfully so it was and still is trash I played it on dc and I've played this demo.

Phantom unveiling at CES - News at GameSpot I look forward to it. I still won't buy one even if it does come out. look at the wonderful ngage! I dunno I'm interested but thats it I doubt I'll be buying one we shall see soon.

EverQuest Online Adventures: Frontiers Review for PlayStation 2 at GameSpot I love fantasy stuff books, movies and yes games. But this just never caught me

Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition Import Impressions - Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition Previews for PlayStation 2 at GameSpot damn just for ps2! I want it on xbox at least also. Sounds like a good buy

Monday, January 05, 2004

Japan a radio has announced anime in the limelight will no longer be airing on Japan a radio station.

Anime News Network - Two New Leaders At Magazines

New Zelda promotion for UK - GameCube News at GameSpot

GTA IV: Sin City listed on Amazon UK - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot
:( no!!!!!

Beyond Good & Evil price drops - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot sweet I might buy a copy now why cause I'm cheap. :)

Porn URL pops up in Rainbow Six 3 - Xbox News at GameSpot
I think microsoft will do a patch, and should. Come on kids or at least teens like myself play these or this game. So wrong but removing it from the game will largely take care of the issue

New Releases on GameSpot not much. But at least one good game to rent or buy:sonic heroes! no sonic battle isn't any good.

SonicN Review for N-Gage at GameSpot hmm like neo geo or game gear kind eh? well on gba I am impressed and new sonic games are coming to gba so look for those. Also sonic heroes for the gamecube should be nice.

Patrician III Review for PC at GameSpot

Sunday, January 04, 2004 is giving away five gba sp pearl blue imports from Japan.Check out their great forums as well.