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Friday, January 02, 2004

the friday five

today? noir I finish it!

School starts its not a good thing but the biggest, finishing eragon

this year? hmm.. Ai love, and finishing my first year of highschool

next five? graduating high school, maybe starting college

life? To enjoy it and look back and see success on my death bed, hope my death is in bed or a comfy chair :)

Anime News Network - Anime Fringe Top 25 Results the top 5 soon the rest along with a new animefringe issue will be available the current issue has some good stuff so check that For now and this.

Anime News Network - Viz Manga Update

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Akemashite Omedetou!

Translation: Happy New year

FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN the final fantasy advent children official site is in Japanese and is graphics intense and takes awhile to load. It includes info, wallpapers, and best of all a trailer. Again happy new years :)

a quickie, anyway happy new years eve! ITs almost here. Anyway tokyopop contacted me with this info: they have a new survey online for you to let them know what to license next. They've finalized saiyuki so look for the manga! And the third rising stars of manga competition rages on till March 15th :) Gamespot has reviews of Bionicle for pc and crouching tiger hidden dragon for xbox so check those out and if you buy prince of persia no matter what console you get splinter cell for free! :) Happy new year indeed!

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Anime Awards!

well I have to say future boy conan was great nice ending also. You really should watch it and or finish it. The author of the fansubs available at animesuki is going to be selling his dvd official japanese boxset which is worth 200$ it includes english subtitles and all the episodes look for it in coming weeks. Also he and I both would like any fansubbers to try their hand at the brilliant anime cities of Gold a great show much like FBC And now for some anime end of year awards!

Best digisub: oh there were plenty for sure wolf's rain and gilgamesh stand out. Out of those wolf's rain is the winner but certainly future boy conan is worthy even if it is decades old. Just the best subs (in my opinion) out of tons out this year :)

best movie: spirited away

best cd/music: wolf's rain

best manga: love hina

best new manga: chobits

best series usa: noir

best series Japan: wolf's rain

My favorites anyway :) see you after new years! :)

Monday, December 29, 2003

No new releases in games for awhile it seems but hey that's ok we'll all be busy. Gamespot is taking a rest also as you have noticed and I'm just layin back. I have a new lupin DVD to comment on and watch, I have the last 4 future boy conan eps to watch and speak of, oh and I saw return of the king today I was skeptical to begin with visually and sound wise the movie was amazing but story and such just kinda was so-so it was ok but well not good enough to end the series I like the first two better and must say the first is the best. The movie seemed to go on and on also way to long... 3 outta five. Guess I can be pretty picky it was worth the watch though.

Howls moving castle delayed and new TV shows to watch!

witch hunter robin will air on February 16th at 12:00/3:00
lupin the 3rd starts at its end January 5th at 1:30/4:30
it begins on the last eps but on the 11th the show will start over at the beginning same time it runs Sunday to Thursday.

Howls moving castle, Miyazaki-san's next anime based on a European children's book has been delayed from its original time of July until November :(

Sunday, December 28, 2003

GameSpotting: Final Fight I did this with gamecube and thankfully no problems but I here lots of bad things about ps2 and xbox being bought early hardware and price were the issues. I rreally don't do this much though just with cube xbox I bought 6 months later, gba sp about a year later (just got one) and well I took a few years (3-4) to even buy a psone and still haven't and may not purchase a ps2. So I guess I don't adopt early or really adopt at all?

yes the comic/manga is still running and strong! Currently up to chapter 3 of seven is finished so read and sign up to be mailed of new chapters. Also since its original release some fan art and a quiz along with wallpapers have been added so check it out! :)