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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Anime News Network - Religious Anime Showing in LA interesting very. I hope it hits dvd and soon.

Anime News Network - Anime on International Channel cool ttv recenty gave a dvd of this away. looks like it could be good.

Anime News Network - Ragnarok Online Anime one reason its not popular is well lack of support the english version is buggy and sucks :(

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire buggin' out - Game Boy Advance News at GameSpot

Harry Potter Japanese release date set: Xbox MIA - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot

Friday, December 05, 2003

Jeff Milner's Swimming Blog a blog about recent disney issues. strange but yeah.And of course disney and his trips to disneyland heh.

watched the spiketv awards last night the show was very so-so it could be way better. :( Awards worked though sad to see so many violent gta copy cats doing well. see the site for winners

Sega sues over Simpsons - News at GameSpot well I waited for this and am not to surprised hell I was expecting and think they should have a while back. I don't hate ea but i do have well I don't like em much, go sega!

Adult Swim will begin airing lupin the 3rd again the same 26 episodes which still aren't completely out on dvd. IT begins Jan. 6th. :) lets hope more of the series comes to tv and more dvds!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003 : 2nd Disney Director, Eisner Critic, Quits it continues I honestly am glad to see these guys doing this Eisner is wrong

BBC NEWS | Technology | Nintendo sweeps up games awards congrats! Cool now for more such awards. Speaking of awards the gaming awards are on spike tv tomorrow

AnimeNation News I still haven't finished the trilogy :(

Adult Swim's new year's eve special will not include any anime. :( Oh well may still be fun

Turns out folks Funimation never had the rights to One piece so if you want the subs they're back up on animesuki

Deus Ex: Invisible War Review for Xbox at GameSpot maybe I'll have to rent this and see.

Sonic Adventure DX coming to PC - PC News at GameSpot cool for pc gamers fun game

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Slashdot | EverQuest Players Defeat 'Unkillable' Monster hmm.. addictions are bad. This game is bad, pso is better.

I now have a blogsend so if you would like my latest comments and or news email me and I can add you. A blogsend is like rss except you are notified of site updates via mail instead of an rss reader.

Warp Pipe drives Mario Kart online - GameCube News at GameSpot cool stuff nintendo should go online eventually though officially and knock this network stuff off.

Some commentary! First off this show with Paris Hilton now famous all the more for a new "reality" show on fox, I hate these kind of shows especially those that are offensive or distasteful fox does this alot with their shows and is at it again with Paris, I am appalled. :( About the 350 lb man beaten to death I have to say anytime I hear of such a thing I'm not sure what to think he was resisting so it was defense but the tape is horrible and the man died, some punishment is due and an apology I say. :( sad news lately he did have illegal drugs in his system also. And about this college girl Dru I hope she is found alive and my prayers and condolences to the family.

Stuff is floating around about peter Jackson director of the lord of the rings films will be working on a king kong film this rumor is likely hell maybe its not a rumor. Also stuff is floating about that is rumor as far as I know and not much more that he will be doing a hobbit film as well, yeah!

The starz channel will be showing blood the last vampire along with some other new goodies soon on animidnight. :) so I've been told don't believe me wait for other sources then!

Tokyopop has sent me an email saying they will be releasing a marmalade box set with a total of 19 episodes it will cost 99$ and comes out on April 27th :) Also they have a new surver up to try.

Anime News Network - Evangelion brings man to kill mother I have to say much like games its not the creators fault, its not the show. It may have had something to do with it but so did the kid, it was his mental stability his mind his body that did this both take the blame I say.

Deus Ex: Invisible War Review for PC at GameSpot I heard really good things about the first but this one I only heard good things from critics most pc gamers are saying its crap course thats the demo.. I dunno.

Monday, December 01, 2003

PSX spec sheet shrinks as Sony rushes production - News at GameSpot

Astro Boy to wreak Havok - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot more for the astro boy fans interested in all things astro and or the game

California bill to prohibit game sales to minors - News at GameSpot I have to agree with this bill.

Sega targets younger set with new Virtua Fighter title - GameCube News at GameSpot

Seven announced for N-Gage - N-Gage News at GameSpot

Halo: Combat Evolved Review for PC at GameSpot the demo sure isn't crashes plenty.

munto licensed well it'd see that way but by who? well sources say Central park media. I hear a sequel is also in the works.

Last, but certainly not least, Studio Bones has announced that four new episodes of Wolf's Rain will be released on DVD in January and February. The first DVD, on sale January 23rd will contain episodes 27 and 28, while the second, due out on February 25th will contain episodes 29 and 30.

yeah! :)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

New Releases on GameSpot this weeks upcoming releases beyond good an evil being the best I'd say. Probably the best platformer out there now. I need to catch up still a week or so behind handful of games to play!

GameSpotting: Reader Revue I'm there with this guy! less violence! praise nintendo! Good games with gameplay! art! haha yeah! I btw love these type of games for those who haven't noticed jet set shenmue all that hope we indeed get out of this "rut"