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Friday, October 31, 2003

Mainichi Interactive - Top News :( sad. wonder who's next?

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Xbox now Live in South Korea - News for at GameSpot koreans rejoice! koreans love online play on pcs, now how about consoles?

viz has picked up the saikano manga and anime which I've been enjoying. this is good and bad. Man I expected adv not viz but they certainly will do just fine. volume one of anime is due out in april and volume 1 of manga in june

Anime News Network - Review what you hear is true and pick up the manga to all of it. maybe rent this and spring special which somewhat sadly I own.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

so do we suck fansubs, suck? well from watching there eps of battle programmer sharise I will say this fine quality but it won't play in divx! :( and not to mention the files are huge they could be at least 20 mb smaller I would think. :( they suck pretty much is true but bps is cool show so I guess I'll suffer as I recomend you do also.

TechTV | Anime Review: 'Rumic Theater' great review by a great guy :) I starting this series (way late) gurantee I'll like it I love takashi's ranma and inuyasha is nice to watch on tv.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

BBspot - Record Time for Clearing Internet Explorer Cache Set

Monday, October 27, 2003

There, Limited Access available - There News for PC at GameSpot yeah this was on techtv's the screensavers, I know some people who are interested I could care less maybe I'll give it a try i dunno but yeah here ya go

ICv2 News - Tokyo Mint Announces Naru in Yellow you want collectibles these are it, way outta my league. :( damn another!

ICv2 News - Major Anime Movie Release Dates Revealed yes good stuff. maybe subs? Man I hope this stuff makes it here (usa) shortly after it hits japan

ICv2 News - New Robotech Comic From DC/Wildstorm told you!

NYPress - On the D/L - Hiroshi - Vol. 16, Iss. 43 hmm a mainstream article about anime downloading cool. I gonna do one soon but not this mainstream. Also I got issues with this some of this stuff is licensed and some of these programs are evil!. hmmph.

Anime News Network - Adult Swim Goofs with Big O

We Suck Fansubs well I gotta say this isn't encouraging their name and what they say about themselves, out of curiosity I will check them out.

PopMatters | Columns | Brian Ruh | From Here to Shinjuku | Killing in Translation Good movies I will see, in theatres? I hope but doubt so it'll be awhile before I can comment. Go see if you like.

PopMatters | Columns | Brian Ruh | From Here to Shinjuku | A Missive From the Front Lines of Fandom great article! I will say this cosplay is mostly just weird,creepy, annoying. It can be good but rarely is. conventions though are great man I gotta get my ass to one some day.

Anime News Network - Yoshitaka AMANO this guy rocks see his profile, he also has worked on some of his own art and other stuff including final fantasy games etc. anyway now he is working on a new robotech comic series announced today! yeah just the cover art but hey! and yes a robotech comic from dc comics.

The Emperor and the Gangster | PopMatters Film Feature

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Anime News Network - Megumi HAYASHIBARA yeah she has a cd coming out. she's cool yawara and love hina just see this man! Hmm.. voice actresses/singers rock she's both!

Anime News Network - From the Gallery: J-Dramas in North America I'd admitedyly say cel. But some live action stuff is good but not sure I like when its based on an previously existing anime. Original live action is best. yet to see any subs I like of live action but would love to find some good ones of course.