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Saturday, October 18, 2003

I don't blog about personal stuff much though I should if I could go to cons or something I would. Anyway beta fish also known as siamese fighters or japanese fighting fish are so cool just bought two of them, which considering both are I beleive male don't seem to get along well luckily the tank keeps them separated but still I may just get rid of one, so... yeah. :) later look forward to more on these fish for some reason.

.:: - Xbox, PS2, Gamecube Skins - Over 1,000 and Counting::. this is cool in addition to a gaming shirt I need from this site a xbox inside out mod (so cool) and the clamshell for gamecube check this site out. :) as for me not gaming much tried out a demo disc and done some reading and animal crossing is all not much, ok later.

Pioneer Animation yep and now heatguy j!

Friday, October 17, 2003

Anime News Network - Anime News no links but a initial d pc game is on the way, cool. And also millenium actress (out october 28th on dvd) is showing tuesday 21 in austin texas.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Unlimited Fantasy the sites up, the show sucks in my opinion don't even need to see it :P but here ya go.

The Register again told you! maybe if it was cheaper and better, hell go back to the drawing board nokia. Or stick to cell phones, samsung's better at that to :P

Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Mac Observer - Hell Froze Over: iTunes For Windows Is Here need cash and permission, sweet though glad its here!

AnimeNation News man this guy tezuka, I gotta get some of his stuff including this manga and maybe the game

Anime News Network - Nintendo to purchase 2.6% of Bandai seems reasonable this would happen what with the gundam gamecube and the new sdgundam kid show and both companies and all yeah.

Ikaruga kicks ass. good stuff :) hahaha

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

ICv2 News - WotC Issues Statement on Pokemon Lawsuit eh no comment on this for me.

ICv2 News - ParaPara Dance Craze Hits U.S. Comics

"The premiere was attended by Cindy and Donald Hewitt, the english language adapators for Porco Rosso as well as Spirited Away. They talked about the process that they go through in translation and how they only had like a week and a half to translate Porco. But you all want to hear about whats next right? Well work is currently proceeding with Nausicaa, with actors currently recording. Those include Patrick Stewart, Uma Thurman, and Natalie Portman. The translation for Whisper of the Heart is done but there is some sort of problem with the song.(They didn't go into it.) So most likely the next movie out after Nausicaa will probably be Pom Poko. Oh, and the DVD for Porco should be out sometime in April. Last, to break all your hearts they said that this will most likely be the only theatrical showing of Porco. " sweet stuff originally posted on natalie portman is awesome :)

TOKYOPOP - NEWS - TOKYOPOP Rising Stars of Manga Competition another is done and I still don't have volume 1, well look forward to it and check em out. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Xbox Grand Theft Auto to feature DIY radio - Grand Theft Auto Double Pack News for Xbox at GameSpot

$99 PS2 in '03? - News for at GameSpot hmm.. maybe I should buy one now, if this happens.

ICv2 News - Musicland To Shutter 150 Stores hope these people get jobs, should have had lower prices.

ICv2 News - Market For Used DVDs Continues to Grow course and sure isn't a bad thing get a dvd for 14$ vs 20$ or more sounds good.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

IG home yes the official site for the anime part of kill bill from the folks who created it.

I'm bored so here:
currently reading-chobits almost done, initial d
currently watching-stand alone movies, future boy conan,full metal panic, noir (gotta finish these!)
currently listening to-radio, whatever. - Your Miami Everything Guide I have decided this is not a movie I will see in theatres due to its content, be warned. Man that is pretty decent in take.