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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Plugged In > Movies > Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ok a bit much? i think so. He doesnt hate if anything admires japanese and I feel same for women. geez these guys need to chill and sure the violence could be taken certain ways in this case I to would find it funny it has a stylish/cheesiness if you will to it kinda like some anime. Just a movie and I think yes some of it does sound well a bit much and its not a kids movie and parents should be warned and decide. I myself hope to see it :P

Telegraph | News | Yes, I was shocked by Kill Bill, admits censor - but only by Uma's feet

ICv2 News - Bush Cards Available Now not for me i dont talk politics here much, but this i don't like. Still gotta get those Iraqi cards

New Releases on GameSpot next weeks titles, tons. I saw at least two rentals and one game I know someone wants to own (goty-bro) still gotta get freedom fighters, and all whoaa!

Tron 2.0 mod-able - Tron 2.0 News for PC at GameSpot the nice thing about pc games though few out there worth time see mods keep you busy though. On consoles lots of games keep you busy, its all good. :) mods are cool.

Crimson Skies goes gold - Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge News for Xbox at GameSpot I wanna play!

Halo PC ships in Europe - Halo: Combat Evolved News for PC at GameSpot

Sega snubs Xbox? - OutRun2 News for Xbox at GameSpot lack of popularity and money issues are good reason even if it would be easy port. So sony? or nintendo? I betting sony.

Friday, October 10, 2003 - Top Stories - Limbaugh Admits Painkiller Addiction Hey its understandable how this happened. Wrong how he got them? yes. Rehab? Good. The things he said, good.

ADV Films - News yeah they got it. Remember when techtv announced they had missed out on the license (they woulda been a good channel for it) well I though spike tv would get it (another good choice for this show) well no, its adv's anime network a good choice and was and obviously so a possibility they got it. A bummer for us who dont get the channel. Movies: Reviews: Kill Bill Vol. 1 good review :) hahaha yeah tarantino is great, and sure eccentric but arent we all? >> Music Reviews >> Fooly Cooly (Furi Kuri) OST 1 yeah now you dont have to pay this much for a bootleg or twice as much for an import copy, this pioneer becoming geneon thing is a good thing!

Kill bill is out!

Sonny Chiba this guy is great and guess what he does the stuff for kill bill!

:::::::::::::::::The Idaho Statesman Presents - Entertainment Online :::::::::::::::::::: the game's movie. IT looks like a so-so or worse b grade film, maybe rent?

:::::::::::::::::The Idaho Statesman Presents - Entertainment Online ::::::::::::::::::::

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage heh not all anime and games its harry potter to!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

ICv2 News - Top 50 Graphic Novels Actual--September 2003mostly crap, mostly comics some manga. Love hina the last volume came in strong at 6 I was one who helped out for october wonder how it will do for this month? It'll be up there for awhile guranteed.

ICv2 News - From the Internet to the Printed Page

ICv2 News - GTO Anime Series on Showtime

Anime News Network - The Edit List - Rurouni Kenshin 60 amen its on late enough come on lots less edits and nothing that alters much. How about that and several times a week please!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Shenmue III Petition sign it! save shenmue let yu and the guys know we appreciate them and love the series and want more!

-=GamerzWorld=- cool I would like this one over any other sony console right now. To pricey though but I guess for what you get you pay for.

Official UK game sales chart - News for at GameSpot

Halo: Combat Evolved Downloads Index for PC at GameSpot patches in addition to the server, I still don't have the game :(

Howl's Moving Castle // Book List // yep the book miyazaki's howling castle is based on also has a pic of the sdtk on the site and some other stuff. :) News // Latest News // see the new news? yeah! Now get it out on dvd soon and a bunch of other miyazaki stuff, now! lasseter is great.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage I will likely side with those who praise the film :) hope I get to see and everyone else to!

Game collectables selling for charity - News for at GameSpot

Which games are OK to Play? - News for at GameSpot good thing this is! But people are dumb and lazy so...

Which games are OK to Play? - News for at GameSpot this should help but it won't completely work people are dumb and lazy. :(

Anime News Network - Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful (TV) the soundtrack has been recalled folks! :( Man why do these companies have these problems!

ICv2 News - Trigun First Printing 35,000 my bro can't wait hope he gets one and all of you who want one, should be good.

Demon Ororon, The Manga another manga, I read few doubt this one I will but eh.

AnimeNation News yeah and they just released the dual boxset also I beleive under the new name.

-=GamerzWorld=- dang I want one of the new ones I bought two of the first ones glad they sold well.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Fansubs there great so let me rant: Lots of new stuff so whats good? well there are around 5 new series and out of them I recomend gilgamesh it was a good first ep I am interested it reminds me for some reason of say wolf's rain lets hope less flaws (wr had few though) so go now to animesuki or something! Also no technically it is safe to dl saikano for awhile longer the license was in australlia not usa. :) - Tarantino goes for the 'Kill' I am behind him I think he has creativity and taste, hope I can one day be like him there are alot of us out there behind a counter at a videostore writing :)

Anime News Network - Encyclopedia - Releases good film 4 outta five very original just rented pick it up folks! :)

ICv2 News - Tenchi Returns yeah it was ok show I remember well here ya go hope you get the channel (i dont) :(

ICv2 News - SD Gundam Figures A Hit course they are I'd love to own them and I have yet to see the anime! which looks fun I gotta watch that.

ICv2 News - Adult Swim's November Scheduleyep and in the meantime hellsing is on action channel now on fridays I believe.

Anime News Network - Strife at IC Entertaniment not a very good company no offense none of there products are of much interest either and there site sucks they just arent great and now this! megatokyo left to and went with darkhorse, eh.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

FF VII: Advent Children backgrounder - Final Fantasy VII News for PlayStation at GameSpot for you ff fans I seen some cg movies like the final fantasy movie awhile back and shenmue likely this one will be good in animation but what about story? eh.

New Morrowind releases - The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind News for Xbox at GameSpot I could care less hate this series and all but my bro loves it and alot of people do so here ya go.

a fansub group dies and another is born. :( :) live-evil is doing a new show that looks good so far called gilgamesh might wanna look into it.

Just finished love hina anime with love hina again I have some issues with it due to condensed plot and all but the animation hell everything else (and the dub a bit) was great pic it up and finish the series but check out the finished manga for sure overall anime rating:3 outta 5 overall manga:4 outta five ok?
And more akamatsu-san works on the way with mao chan anime in november and ai love manga in february. ok later

Tokyo Mint, LCC these guys are great! expensive but great i have seen the work and wish i could afford it lets hope they do lots more! :)

ICv2 News - Sandman: Endless Nights Makes New York Times Best Sellers List good stuff i beleive yoshitaki amano of final fantasy and vampir hunter d fame has worked on this series also.