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Saturday, September 13, 2003 : GameCube : The Simpsons: Hit & Run : Reviews also on xbx and ps2 sounds interesting i look forward to playing. Just rented sc2 on xbx opinions later! : Article camera phones are huge in japan so not bad idea. certainly cool kinda like the old ones go gb and gbc. to bad only japan. : Article a bit of a bummer the first was ok not good but ok 3 outta five woulda liked another. Oh well. - THE Premier Location for Import Anime Dvds more lossy bootleggers!

Anime Web Turnpike

nasu this video is hilarious please do watch.

There is a rumor on the net (so many!) that lupin the 3rd live action movie is possibly to be directed by Stephen Spielbergh - Rurouni Kenshin TV Recommendation little something new on aod and something nice for those interested or big fans of kenshin. - September 2003 Contest #3 another contest for ninja scroll tv in addition to ann's

Anime on DVD here is each dvd and its volume little better than ann's coverage.

Anime News Network - Media Blasters DVD Sound Issues why do companies (the small ones but thats no excuse if not worse) always do that they have sound issues and viz has disc issues in general. :(

IAP 2003 Activity: Fansubbing its real anyway yes a class for fansubbing! Also keep in mind this is that would be fun really though all this can be self taught and I think the class is full or over anyone from mit?

Freedom Fighters on the way - Freedom Fighters News for PlayStation 2 at GameSpot its like a red faction but squad based and in third person. I wanna play. Look for the pc demon on gamespot or elsewhere to give it a try.

SD Gundam Force yet to see the show but i will here is the official site.

Anime News Network - Millennium Actress Theatre Listing

AnimeNation News personally have no interest in these but some of you may. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2003

The Magic Box: International Videogame News good site for news wallpaper and games comics. bookmark it. - Cambodians urged to eat more dogs disgusting kinda weird and funny.

AnimeNation News definetly a great movie one i still need to buy :( fantastic movie! sad touching a masterpiece all though of course i have some issues on politics and all that but eh.

Blue Seed DVD Beyond yes this is a oav for the series. Not bad but not worth buying and watch the series first and buy it instead.

well its 9/11 again and to be honest i dont know what to say see my other blog I have some things posted thedeeperthinker
also I recently recieved an email in which a fan of amv's asked about doujinshi which are popular as amv's are here. They are fan made comics like megatokyo for instance except often based on anime like love hina. You can buy them all over japan and they are a bit hard to find here in the usa but try mandarake they have cool normal doujin as well as imported manga and cels great shop but they also have lots of hentai and yaoi junk to so you been warned (unless you into all that)

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Anime News Network - Japanese home video sales plummet after Sen

Mao-Chan DVD Vol. 01 (Pre-Order) wow mao chan another anime i am awaiting by love hina creator ken Akamatsu is coming soon as you can see. Looks a bit to cute and kiddish but may be fun and I will give it a try. His other work Ai love the manga sees release in feb. by tokyopop.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Review for Game Boy Advance at GameSpot something you anime/gamers may wanna read and pick up. Me? No thanks

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Official F-Zero GX Website just finished playing a bit myself its a tough game! Even on easy very difficult. The game has excellent design and graphics and if you like past editions get this be warned not an easy game! Also sound is good and there is even a choice for widescreen tv or full (like dvds) which is cool. Story mode also which is also difficult and as far as I know can only be played with falcon you play story to unlock cars. The official site linked above has wallpaper videos and interviews and game info check it out. :) 4 outta 5

AnimeNation News

AnimeNation News just caught this info on the millenium actress dvd info its on the above page under september the 8th

Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective Impressions - Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective Previews for Game Boy Advance at GameSpot fans of the show/manga may wanna check this out. :)

Shenmue Dojo : Main yeah how about a nice batch of info on your site and all over the web? Sega? Come on please! Oh and get it out by end of 04 at least!

Monday, September 08, 2003 : Article

ok well things for me on anime going real slow just some tv and thats about it games hell none :( anyway i have found a show to dl thats pretty good on animesuki called saikano (its in the s section spelt differently then this) as for kenshin it has been changed to11:00 pm and for those wondering the opening song is called Sobatsu so quit asking in english its called freckles ok! thats all man things are slow.

Anime News Network - Shonen Sarutobi Sasuke (movie) not seen it myself but would like to give it a shot it is on tonight 8:30 eastern on tcm channel.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

today is the day 40 yrs ago when astro boy aired on television in New York yes 40 yr anniversary of anime on tv in america! Great! To bad few people no this or care. Still want more shows and better ones with less edits!