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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Aiming at Pornography to Hit Music Piracy its true but hopefully parents pay attention to what they download its likely they dont. Both porn and music downloading is wrong stop and I dont care that they mention this to stop what they are trying to its good for parents to know one reason I got rid of and hate kazza so much porn pop ups spam and all that kinda crap search for something normal get something sick.

Anime News Network - Miyazaki Best Animation Director yes and he certainly deserves that. :)

???????????2 evangelion 2 the game has its official site up now note its in japanese so if you dont read all you can get is screenshots or get a translation program of some sort. :)

Friday, September 05, 2003 :: Home yes has been redesigned! I like less green hmm.. also new xblive stuff on the site like xsn sports and friends list. I believe version 2.0 of xbxlive will inlcude all these pc goodies ( not sure if 1.0 does guess so) and 2.0 will also include a chat system not in game for up to 16 people thats great a email type system is still needed so when people are offline though! I think I will try and get this 2.0 this xmas but I still gotta get sc2 and fzero and some rentals man, expensive lifestyle.

Thursday, September 04, 2003 - Business - Universal Slashes All CD Prices in Attempt to Lure Music Buyers that definetly helps but kinda late and tech still needs to be engaged. | News | GameCube Sails Past PS2

Heaven & Hell for PC at GameSpot weird game getting a bit carried away with this sim stuff maybe? Yeah. : Game Boy Advance : Astro Boy : Overview yes an astroboy game for the gba for all you fans or future fans of the new show or old or manga. :)

Anime News Network - Adult Swim ratings push CN to new heights well outside of anime they deserve it adult swim is great and in the kid area they doin great but stop butchering the animes so much

Action - Title yep for vampire anime/movie fans the show (box set and dvds availble and soon manga) is to air on action channel.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Anime News Network - Encyclopedia - Releases
yeah kenshin box sets to save some money and keep dvds in cool box! 27 episodes gonna have a few box sets yikes still kinda sucks but definetly better. - Will CDs and DVDs Disappear? not likely many still prefer their discs including me. And many prefer not to steal (although some use paying alternatives) I much prefer a dvd over the current crap movies from movielink and cinemanow also It will take a few yrs at least to get discs unpopular and downloads popular. Although I welcome this I still want discs as an option and think they will be around for quite some time.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Join me in tears for I almost got sc2 yesterday but was not able to afford it when ready to pay :( just thought I would share that. Also millenium actress can be previewed at anifactor
looks good. Oh and I should have said this yesterday but didnt get to so ann beat me to it but a free (except for shipping) millenium actress poster is now available at animecastle

Anime News Network - Shelf Life - The Spirit of Hunger great column guy is always right on. Spirit of wonder has my interest. I disagree on king of bandit jing rental at best at best! Ninja scroll I would say a rental if you liked the movie i despise both. Love hina is great I am one of those fans who will gobble up and pant for more!

Sunday, August 31, 2003

HEy i have setup rss for jdtheotaku (my other blog) on myrss and will try to for this blog. IT supports version 0.91 and 1.0 of rss and many feedreaders. I believe I am also for jdtheotaku on feedster or soon will be. I will work on this blog also. And maybe version 2.0 and some other feeder support. :)
for linux folks and I am not sure if it will work but please do try look for snownews the aggregator best for linux i hear. :)

yes inuyasha is back on adult swim at least new eps until september 18th the episode guide at will be update by the (thanks to me) for those wondering by the 18th we will be on ep 52 outta 122. Soon dvds (starting in december) will come in packs of 3 for 50$ and if you want good inuyasha site check out other than that not much to report except there are still so many things i want and need :(