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Saturday, August 30, 2003

ICv2 News - Manga, Anime Retailer Exclusives thats right to get the chobits boxset with #8 an action figure and box to keep the whole series in you gotta pay 30$ at waldenbooks or borders. for akamatsu fans a reminder although love hina ends like now his other anime mao chan involving first graders fighting cute aliens (fun rental) is possibly coming starting in october courtousey of pioneer. And his other manga ai. love is coming from tokyopop in february. Yeay. tokyopop has a page for ailove and there is akamatsu's official search it cause i not sure. :)

Friday, August 29, 2003

Anime News Network - Job opportunities in the anime industry cool jobs in anime industry check em out. I would prefer ghibli or xebec myself.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

yeah! megatokyo has been moved to darhorse comics i feel this is better than Ic entertainment darkhorse does the best american comics along side my fave Bongo who does futurama and simpsons. Darkhorse also has done mangas:astro boy, and ah! my goddess. Darkhorse will release the second volume of megatokyo in January and will be reprinting the first. :) My favorite manga distributor? Tokyopop Darkhorse needs to lower prices and release more quickly and have manga specific site etc. tokyopop needs to lesson the westernization of mangas and should after volume one of each series drop the stupid instructions. Ic? ugh. well there you go see ya!All lotr2 dvd is gold btw! Now to get my games and some manga/anime. Also gundam zz (1-5) and season 2 of full metal panic are now fansubbed on animesuki

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

flcl is to reair again on adult swim starting october 20th i was hoping they would :) The lotr 2 dvd is great preview of new movie and all gotta watch sam wiars movie and the music video tell yeah what i think later.

Hehe soul calibur 2 is out now I gotta try and get a copy gamespot has reviews up I gonna go with cube maybe try to get xbx later i likely will agree fully with the reviews on the whole original better this one still good thing. Hopefully the official site will see huge update or something and many updates to come fzero is out also and reviewed gotta get that as well. need money :( also if you looking for way to translate pages babelfish is really slow and bad at translating but the other 3 or 4 i have tried are just as horrible with varying success on speed etc. And yes I got the lotr 2 dvd and it rocks let you know what I thought was best till then buy it!

Monday, August 25, 2003

well I was the first or one of few to report the story on daft punk's film being in japanese theatres indeed animenewsnetwork has posted it! :) here's the official french site pretty good:interstella5555

heh submitted the below story to animenewsnetwork hope they post it and its better than just mine i told them to look into it. Also
has announced the winner congrats man! (wish I had one) see the site for details. Also more future boy conan is now available on animesuki yay!

Welcome to The Japan Times according to these listings daft punk's upcoming dvd complete with music vids for all there songs of discovery there latest cd to be released this winter is airing in theatres. cool.

The Japan Times Online course they won't they make money and dont wanna piss of n. korea thats fine except bad things are being brought in something needs to be done about that and really they should have the guts to at least tell those who financially support the n.korean government to buzz off.

Also you can get me through a "public" rss feed at or so when I update (and many other blogs it all appears on/in your rss reader (i recommend feedreader although its in beta) also i am looking into setting up an individual one as well. Note also that haibane renmei's first dvd is out tomorrow as well this is a new anime series from the creator of lain (yoshitoshi Abe) hope I can get it soon. Well later.

Soul calibur is out this week (tomorrow) it is 50$ us dollars. On all current platforms. There was a launch event in ny and some good reviews in the current issue of egm as well as at gamers fzero is out this week also hope I can at least play them. :( Also lotr 2 is out gotta buy that. So look for opinions on them right here! Also my friend over at warwizardanime has a forum now so check that out. I am Jd over there.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

anime blog muyo! is good also and unamed anime blog check em out!

Anime Sugar High!!! this is ok blog on anime check it out. Also animeforest
is netflix for anime its all anime they got it all and will get more. I am looking into the service I like the setup its like regular videostore none of that monthly fee stuff 4$ per film! Cool. And well yeah sounds good try it and let me know if its good might take me awhile.