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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Enter the N-Gage: Demystifying Nokia's Portable Game System - GameSpot yes gamespot has great coverage on the nokia ngage has me somewhat interested it looks kinda cool and radio/cell phone use is cool along with games. Why am I not going to buy or recommend then? Cause the games are all 3 outta five available elsewhere games the only ones I give a damn about so far are sega's (super monkeyball,sonic N) and as gamespot shows its hard to even switch/start playing a game. Not to mention the thing is 300$$ I can get a gba (better games) and a decent cell phone for 2/3 the price and less hastle. Plus I hate nokia. Now a samsung maybe. Get more games and lower price on the console (and accessories) and we'll talk nokia.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Hey fzero fans first of all remember the new game fzero gx hits the gamecube on the 26th of this month! Also I (and some other sources) have learned of an anime series to begin appearing on tv tokyo on october 7th in additon a manga will see release it is currently under production. The anime is being produced by Ashi productions and dentsu inc. Ashi productions has worked on such things as vampire hunter D and blue seed among many tv shows also.Dentsu has had its hands in gundam wing and spirited away along with recent items such as:geneshaft, ghost in shell stand alone complex and astroboy (2003). Oh and megatokyo is taking a break as well as doing some cons see the site for more. :)

Speaking of Evangelion if you want you can play a decent date sim game on evangelion at newgrounds Also akira was up for an award for great sound on a dvd (the dts version by pioneer) sadly it lost to minority report. It was only anime involved in the awards and it lost :( really in this category it should have won.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Bandai has announced a development crew will be developing evangelion the game 2 for the playstation 2. The first game is available japan only for sega saturn and psone. Evangelion 2 is around half way done and is due out in november in japan. Alfa development has also done games for gunparade march anime series and the popular castle of shikigami which saw its latest release about awhile back on xbx. see gamespot for more and official info

Ninja Scroll 1: Series - (Sub) - DVD apparently ninja scroll the series will see a special addition dvd release at bestbuy cool if you are interested. Personally if you are guy its ok but I give movie and tv series (i saw fansubs) both 3 outta five nothing special. Animenewsnetworkis giving a way 10 copies send in you fanart to win.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Why Japan Sucks....this is pretty good blog its true japan has curupt police and many issues it is also true what he says about the war hell things are messed up but i still love my anime and japanese food and i still think the women are pretty hot. Improvements hell yes! America better yeah. Still not a horrible country and I say we put it all behind us, get along and improve!

Hey heard of najica blitz tactics have you?well the site is up click on the title a ways back. Yes it is similar to noir
except it involves perfume and lots of fanservice (pantie shots!) has a review up likely a bit generous but eh. Indeed the ultimate edition with dvd and box also comes with a pair of panties, JOY! :) Btw yes it is the work of the man behind project ako which if you have yet to see you must its hilarious! I will let my opinions be known on najica blitz as soon as I can see it (my area is shit for anime) also spirited away is to show up soon in mexico city mexico in spanish will likely see national release around september.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

TechTV | Is BitTorrent the Future of Downloading?
Yes the linux guru and tss are finally showing support for bittorrent a great downloading program! You get anything you want (some stuff you shouldn't) for nothing its free,open source,spyware/virus free, its great! get it! Also check this site out its btt and this is where i download anime (japanese)
Also for those of you looking for anime music vids (amvs) you can get some of my faves here:delusionalproductions and rudeboyproductions enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Panderers in Japan This site is hilarious check out arnold schwarzeneger's beer commercials or zztops honda z (car) commercial lots of em her all pretty good.

Anime News Network - My Anime - animaniac

Hey! Noir's final volume #7 is due out on october 28th i had heard this but wanted it confirmed it now has been by my favorite anime news source also has ended its tshirt design contest and will announce a winner this week.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

HEy I cover more than anime! Today I comment on spike tv, it sucks. Simple eh? Well striperilla is an absolute pile if you want animated adult show (of that kind) go for something hentai (perverts!) and as for gary the rat, lame. ALright moving on to the new man show on comedy central (minus adam and jimmy kimmel (other shows to busy) I am going to try and get the dvd of the old cause it was (whether ppl like it or not) great! Juggies, girls on trampolines, wheee! However I dislike the new hosts and fear that they will take things to far. SO if you want adult entertainment I recommend adult swim.