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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hey blog time! Check these out I like em ok philwashere and tokyo my personal playground decent blogs one is about a model (the last).anyway later.

Lookin for anime on tv? or a wacky fun mindless anime? Check out flcl (or furi kuri its also called) its airing on adultswim really great show only 6 eps. As for subs I finished wolfs rain damn that was awesome! I know I broke the code but I gonna buy the dvd so its justified. :) also new eps of future boy conan are out at animesuki oh and if you love chobits the anime or manga check out the hilarious special chibits get it here look under anime.

Monday, August 04, 2003

hey! check it! games? Yeah the hobbit due in 2003 (sometime this yr) on gc and xbx see for the video looks good. And stop by and use the program to download the trailers for the third and final lotr movie! yay! December! Also as for the fansub download scene:avoide divergence eve not good show the animation is nice (all though characters breasts are to big :( to big! its bad otherwise to only good animation really. Not much on the sub scene ragnarok is ok.