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Saturday, August 02, 2003

yo anime baby! Tokyopop and suncoast are doing a deal where at any suncoast store (not online) you can get 3 manga for price of one! Also katsuhiro Otomo's nex film steamboy due out in 2004 in theaters and later here in the usa has a website mostly japanese but oh well it works for now. Note: katsuhiro has worked on works such as; akira and metropolis. Also the hit critically aclaimed movie junkers come here is out on the 19th of this month so preorder and look forward to! Also boogiepop phantom is now on ttv although past ep 4 now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

well I am now a bit interested in this phantom thing I like the idea of a machine I can play pc games on more comfortable and such plus the try before buy (demos, video etc) service infiniumlabs sounds cool oh and rentals to all via the net (if only my parents liked the idea they paronoid) still don't know what games will be on it or what it looks like. :( excited though cause we shall know august 17 and the system should be out by xmas! gonna be under 400$ also so thats good and it should i hear play dvds,cds and stuff to. Lookin for somethin to play though? Try crimsonland by reflexive the demo is nice but after about 1 hr you gotta buy for 20$ I recommend buying. :) ann has a list now so check out my "my anime" I am animaniac!

Monday, July 28, 2003

Heh been awhile agian anyway animenewsnetwork is celebrating its 5th anniversary congrats guys! Anyway stop by everyone and help with the redesign you might win something and list the anime you have seen/own with the new forum feature I am animaniac look me up! I aint finished though. :) later!