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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I was just over at animenewsnetwork where I found an article calling for pioneer and trying to gain awareness for a title known as boys be it is a romantic anime that is very realistic even more so than love hina which I have previously given the title (yikes ) anyway till its released (and lets try) get it off animesuki and elsewhere I am sure. IT is pretty great. Note:released by pioneer in 2000 is 13 episodes long more info at animenewsnetwork. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Wow been along time! Anyway kenshin is still on cartoon network just moved to around 10:30 at least my time check cn's site schedule to see your local time. Also I have learned my man Ken Akamatsu's latest manga is coming stateside in february 04 thanks to tokyopop he is creator of love hina. Also tokyopop announced a boxset for chobits will include:a box original with #8 the last manga of the series and an action figure the box will be big enough to fit all the manga. Oh and I recently took tao feng for a spin on xbox see the site for details I feel it was an okay game not very original but fun and mostly well done other than the fact you would soon get bored with it and it loads to much and to long. Three outta five. Rent.