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Thursday, June 26, 2003

I forgot to say live-evil (.org) a fan sub group fave of mine has celebrated its 1 yr anniversary as of june 24th, I say congrats fellas! Note:there first series was condor hero which has seen some recent movement in there part they also released today wolf's rain 21. Anyway also check out this its cool and the column: from here to shinjuku is a must read for we otaku. :) Anyway other than that I will also say animesuki does seem to be done so try or for sub dls. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Hey gueess what blogger has a new version! Its nice i like it. ANyway i have found a searchengine for blogs which I have submitted this site to just so you know oh and the site is also if you are looking for anime, I highly recommend boys be a very funny series for teen guys like myself its fun. 13 eps and there all out, I woll say the guys who subbed it could have got rid of the logo in the corner and made fewer spelling errors though.Just in case the searchengine for blogs is

Charlies angels animated series anime? NO. SO there anyway if interested the series (all six eps) are at but be warned everything about it sucks. Anyway also for some reason reuters (news service) is calling stripperila with pamela anderson an adult animated program to air on tnn are calling it an anime, it is not. Not everything that is animated is anime. So there. Oh and the show I spoke of last is cyborg 009 and it is still on next monday on cn. :) later.

Monday, June 23, 2003

kenshin is still going on cn at least till episode 48. Also the new bebop movie is out (and cheap at least for anime) tommorow. A new show is coming to cn called android 009 hmm.. its next monday. And uh.. yeah unless you wanna here me talk about random things and potter, goodbye!