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Friday, June 13, 2003

Yeah! I saw the new halo2 demo vid you can get it at ign for stream I recomend that saves hard drive space. Also look into and to download. I believe a site linked at supports bittorrent as well. :0
I Got to get the second halo book rent mc2 and preorder halo2. Yeah! later.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Hmm.. am I still gonna or still am gaming? Well recently played the matrix game and gonna tell you its not worth buying. :( also looking into midnight club 2 on xbox man so many great things about it:4 player support,8 player online support,dolby digital,and around 30 cars. Plus no tracks completely open! Let you know how I like it. :) oh and of course the game based on the italian job.You know theres an old movie of italian job and a psone game? THere is.

Hey hows it going. Just checked out urda, its a 3dcg anime having to do with time warps,ww2,nazis etc. I liked it (its plot was good and cool) there are five eps which = 30 mins. or so. download=100 mbs or so. see animesuki for all you need. ITs by a russian film group named romanov and was subbed by hqa (high quality anime) also risky safety (from an entertainmen,eventually 3 volumes,first volume in JUly.) has its first episode for free on net see animenation. This is another series I hope to see! :) later

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Rose of versaille I believe is a better choice for female viewers (that and its to long for me ) so there. Also I have watched the first episode of fmp (full metal panic) adv's new release which i will say is an excellent anime that is certainly worth watching! I will let you know about urda later.. :)

Well I am currently enjoying kenshin on tv! And kikaider info is on its a 30's style anime with crisp clean appearance, I don't like it though. :( Also I have watched a film called black lion:from adv 45minutes in length I give it a worthy rental award! Also I am looking into and old manga/anime/opera called rose of versaille (french) let you know what I think,currently 7 eps are available from live evil of 40 in total. Also found a mini-series called urda that looks cool.
Stay tuned!

Monday, June 09, 2003

Hey! Kenshin is back on cn! ANd with what appears to be less edits! Oh and a new show I will discuss called kikaider is on adultswim tonight! Umm oh and wanna hang? go to the au boards at later

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Hey fellow otaku! Sorry been awhile if your looking for a good film I indeed support checking out animatrix:most of the episodes are availble for free but you also get a great documentary to watch. Make sure you have the uneducated watch by the way! Also current fave music:boA all the way new cd out called atlantis princess. See jpopnation for some mp3's later