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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Okay time for things I dislike about anime/industry:newtypes coverage of cartoons, tokyopop's misspellings and they tend to do to much westernizing oh and there lizzie maguire cinemanga, what the hell! Also not fond of anime dvd price 24-30 bucks that sucks! Ok also I have watched munto the oav from kyotoanimation it is there first work and is not half bad see I give it 3 of 5. Note: i have not had game in awhile gonna go insane!

Friday, May 23, 2003

Will soon have some reviews for you of fansubs! Also there are some non japanese games I am interested in:call of cthulhu looks very cool look for a author and his books called H.P. Lovecraft and the film Dagon! Also see the games :) also of course is halo 2. IT just seems all the other games like moh are big on the past and lack new/creativity and of course shooting people. :( but some are good. just added new ep guides by yours truly for astroboy and beyblade. :) as well as other stuff.

A rather good comic for lain is up. :) at

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Dbzb2? Yep. God no more! Please its torture!

Bored? I am. What to do? waste time! See this place is huge even on fox news and ttv sometimes but be warned some stuff is bad:hentai links,humor, and there tshirts to (although some are funny!) I recommend checking out xiao xiao games, fun! Also they have a ranma date sim sounds cool. Later.

I am/will finish wolf' rain, such a good series go chek it out! And I may or may not another called kiddy grade which is ok. Both are at just download the client and you will need divx. Broadband is recomended slow. For wolf's rain get live-evil's sub and also I am looking into a film not yet here called munto I will let you know if it is worthy the dl. :) oh and remember only download stuff not yet released/licensed in the U.S! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Another stupid splinter cell game? yea. I mean I don't dislike us games but I just don't care for them much. IN sc's case i would rather play mgs and am more excited about new mgs games. Also whats with these lame U.S games painkiller and full spectrum or whatever? Don't care. Heres some noteworthy stuff:new xplay covering nintendo at e3, pennyarcade update, and oh yes a note divx is spyware ridden!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Why do cosplayers have to be so ugly and look so stupid? I mean just look around the net or in the may issue of newtype. The dvd was fine now they have me wanting to finish boogiepop phantom! Its creepy and reminds me of lain. Anyway I also found out that my statements of the voice actor for haku in spirited away being a non anime fan were true! And now I need to watch lupin.

I just checked out my first newtype mag (see or I will say adv publishes it and in this issue (may) had lots of there commercials and coverage of there new and suky show saiyuki, but overall they are not very biased and I liked it. Inside the issue is stuff on the new animatrix and also a little something on chocolate by one of clamps members. I also found there info on tv anime nice sinc I am checking out fansubs. I will let you know what I think of the dvd included soon. Also coming a look at a show called munto (see and a series called scrapped princess. :):):):):):):)

Hey I may soon be a ttv anime network member! When I am you will see there graphic (maybe) on the site. ALso lupin the 3 is back on cn's adult swim new episodes to!

Monday, May 19, 2003

Okay pennyarcade has some nice new e3 coverage so see it! Also the n-gage does look lame nintendo will continue to rule the market. I doubt a new neo geo (that would be sweet!) could dethrown nintendo's gba! Don't forget to watch xplay cover e3 on ttv. Out.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Hmm.. e3 celebrities who cares! Games, are what its about! Although I won't argue on the whole boothbabes thing found more pics at :)

Also e3 I learned that a new game based on the Berserk anime is coming (no date set) to the ps2. THere is one already for dreamcast. OH and chek out the gamecubes answer to gunvalkryie its PNO3 from capcom.