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Saturday, May 17, 2003

I blog alot huh? Anyway get this recently heard some army dudes got their a$$'s kicked by a geek group at e3 playing america's army pc game! Also I have found the kenshin movie (not x) available bootleg import at for 12$ hmm.. My next anime purchase will be the animatrix and 2 manga a mag (newtype) as well as a test taste of the Japanese soda ramune! (all at!) Sorry for the lame info and ads! :)

Hey heres my so so lain fan fic that was rejected by ttv. I am not very good at fan fic and I admit that the winners are superior to mine.

Lain vs Lafiel:The Ultimate Battle via the wired!

It was late, around 2 am as usaul lain was in front of her navi on the wired.Lain had heard on the wired that a space craft and its crew was to come in.She had also heard that it was lafiel, who lain despised due to the fact that lafiel had the space ship and all it made lain jealous.And so lain decided to take out the one she wished she was, thus getting the guy (lafiels boyfriend on the ship) crew, and ship. But how? After a session of thoughtlain settled on hacking the ships system which was connected to the wired! Around 5 am lain was in the ships system via the wired. She decided to cause the controls that lafiel was using to fry her to death! And so she did, lafiel was dead! Lain could now possibly take command once the ship landed. However the ship did not land. It exploded when it landed killing everyone on board including the man and power she longed for.

Yeah I got two new manga and spirited away, I bougth them! Also rented noir vol. 2 which is great I enjoy this series, I just hope it gets better it has potential.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Okay get this as i told you long ago there was a lain quiz part three its on the web now at as is a character guide,five winning fanfics (not including mine) and the show ends soon by the way. Also a show I am looking into is Silent mobius on ttv see site for details its in the afternoon. And uh.. thats all!

Yeah I got payed! and yeay the last volume of samuria x is out. I will rent it and let you know overall what I think of the series. Also I think I will buy spirited away finally and 2 new manga. So look forward to that coverage next week and me being a happy little guy! :) Also I recently discovered xm radio has a jpop channel (i want it for summer!). Okay today is the end of e3 so keep up at the sites! And later.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hey new stuff to tv soon! Besides kenshin coming back to toonami in June (9th) lupin the third will show up on adult swim again and fox has announced sonic x and shaman king

E3! Celebrities? WHo cares go to to see the booth babes! Also a soul calibur 2 tournament has taken place go to penny arcade (wish I was in it) also sony has announced some sort of portable (not sure I care) and best of all games!:halo 2 is being shown (new screens) and halo is finally getting some coverage on pc. Ninja Gaiden and DoA are lookin good. And I am really psyched about mgs3 and onimusha 3 I am still not sure on. See game sits and

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Yay! I found somewhere to get my anime for rent! Its way better than netflix (.com) its greencine (.com) they have tons of anime! Now if I could actually sign up (parents ) I want to rent:Excel Saga 1-6, Love hina 5 &6 plus movies and berserk 1-6! That will take,about a mont or two and I have summer coming up!

Okay e3 has officially started! And will end on the 16th. So far all I have heard is this price drops on ps2 and xboxes of 20$ I recommend checking in on gamespot or gamers for more. Also I am still playing snk vs cap 2 eo my fave characters are:terry,kyosuke,sakura,hibiki. What are yours?

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Oh and yes I have a new sponsor check em out!

Hey get this a recent poll of sorts shows studio ghibli as one of the five most trusted co. in japan the poll was taken in Japan. Note: see animenewsnetwork for more.

Man so many words but which is most important or how many exist you ask? Well the answer is simple, one: honesty

Monday, May 12, 2003

Hey I am here yet again! Anyway I am currently looking into the matrix game thats out so look for that. And I may be seeing a movie so that to (not xmen!) and uhm also check out's comic today on the matrix and powerade!

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Also animesuki (and the software it supports) has Gundam seed as well as DNAngel. So look into that. Oh and my current fave game:capcom vs snk2 anime:love hina and wolfs rain. Noir (only seen vol 1) manga:lh and chobits

Yeay I will soon be able thanks to watch/ finish love hina (he is putting them in bigger sizes to! Also I just tried out wolf's rain you gotta check it out! There are alread 14 eps and way more coming and my fave fansub