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Saturday, May 10, 2003 has everything up and running and will soon have the email newsletter up. THe quiz/column section will be up monday. Also check out the (sfchronicle site) and look for the editorial on american imagination and spirited away. Most everything in there is true. Imagination is dying creativity is dying and will eventually die away completely I mean look at disney, and all this other shit we call american pop culture, I am ashamed! Oh few comments though:on the whole artsy front I am not fond of this whole label's thing artsy? OR goth, how about pervert!? No. Anime is for all. For all who enjoy a good piece of art (and it is art) and story creativity etc. (note:not all anime is good.)
Also big note: Rurouni Kenshin will return in June on the 9th to be exact.

Peace :)

Friday, May 09, 2003

Man I have got to get the japanese import of soul calibur 2 for gc! But it is 60$ plus I need some 30$ software so it will work on my gc! 90$! Guess I will have to wait. :( Also megatokyo has a funny new e3 comic on the

I am also available at the anihina forum. As animaniac. Also lain is back on techtv. Have a nice weekend! :)

Thursday, May 08, 2003

As you have noticed I have banner ads for bootleg anime. WEll I am actually going to try it out and pic up afew and let you know about service and quality of I will be ordering lain the boxset for only 25$ thats 1/4 the regular price! And two dvd films only the price of one! IF I decide I like them more orders and awareness could take place :) Also Rahxephon, was ok. Didn't watch past first ep though.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I now have 8 love hina manga 3 chobits manga, 3 dvds, 2 posters and playing cards anime related collection! By the end of the year: 14 love hina & iro hina, 8 chobits, what other manga? And Grave of fireflies, wrath of the ninja, and if possible at least the last two love hina series dvds and both films (all series would be cool) Also important note: vandread sucks!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I am a new member to the and ann forums I am animaniac at both. Also no please teacher in my area! But hey I rented Rahxephon and vandread so look forward to that. And also got 3 mor love hina manga. Gotta go!

A man who seeks revenge should start by digging to graves. (todays zen)

I may be getting please teacher so look for my comments! Also indeed has the stuff on the newsletter up!

Monday, May 05, 2003 has updated adding some reviews and lots of episode guides (from me :) ) so look into it. Also they are starting a weekly column and a news letter, more to come.

Remember I told you about the love hina eps at Well I've watched 11 and hey okay! The guy who runs the site said it should all be done by the end of this week or something! Also ever wonder whats hot in japan? Well if so see or search for it. Right now yugi-oh & pokemon are still big. But naruto is another. Naruto is an manga (gn and shonen jump, manga avialable in u.s shonen jump) is also an anime on tv tokyo and is avialable on dvd at and a game is also out for gc availbale at have yet to enjoy any of this though.

Remember to see my other blog at and hey send me mail at:

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Hey ever wonder what girl you should go with, in the anime world? Well I say go to I took the quiz and was told my girl would be belldandy! I also took a quiz on anime stereotype or something. I am the strong quite fantasy male! That is good looking and fangirls will write about! But apparently I am gay or at least bisexual?! Check it out. Also ever want to see the love hina japanese import episodes? Well get them at (sadly in poor quality).