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Friday, May 02, 2003

Ha! I told you saiyuki was only a rental! agrees. Also I recently checked out landlock, excellent film definetly worthy a rental (or watch at great film! I also took the time to watch sword for truth, cool and action packed short though and could have done fine without the sex scenes it contained. Note: You will need a fast connection and media player, for animatrix:quicktime 6, for the films at you need windows media player or real player. Also don't forget armitage 3 tonight on techtv!

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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Hey finally watched saiyuki, heres the verdict: good animation some good action and design. A bit much language and it seems aimed a little towards females. Also ever want free streamable anime? Sure. Well see they have orgus 02 vol.1 & 2 & 3 also landlock vol.1&2 and more.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Please teacher! Is also known as onegai teacher onegai means please in japanese. There are twelve episodes.(hmm, 3or 4 volumes?)

Blog like mad! I am. Anyway new series out called please teacher, looks worthy a test. See for info on plot,characters, and a trailer. Out some places, Others next week, thats when I get it.

Finally done working! Sorry review and all of saiyuki tomorrow. Hey want the anime network in your town (i do) see or and fill out the form!

I do not think I will buy from (bootlegs). Be warned (you have). Also as promised saiyuki later and also note armitage polymatrix is on techtv this friday! Also see its visible and updated! (will soon be further updated via my ep guide info!) new reviews from the guys already up.

Hey! Well I am looking into getting my bro the entire trigun series from (only 40$$$) but is it english dubbed? IF you know anything (including about this co. let me know) I know they advertise on my site! But hell. Also watched dual! last night, not bad worth watching. Not buying though! Saiyuki later..

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Ever play sonic? sega g, dc, nintendo gc, gba? Well I played and beat them on genesis and dc now they have sonic for the new tungsten pdas (20$) and lots of games coming! I still havent played since 2 on dc!

Also I still have gotten no mail saying hey heres some money just hate mail etc. well sorry! But you can still donate, its for a good cause! Speaking of love hina tokyomint statues (3 more this summer but you knew that) well now a mitsune is to be release in october! I like mitsune (not as much as naru). WHich reminds me all the good stuff (except for mitsune who is great) is always gone that sucks! Also on the sam note two more statues will be released after mitsune. Hmm. Keitaro and mutsumi? WHat about a combo of say seta and sarah though? Won't get any anyway :(

NExt on my taste list (along with more of the usaul) is grean tea pocky! Also coming tomorrow sayuiki dvd review.

Milk pocky? Yep. Hey you know that stuff I like sapporo ichiban noodles? Or todays pocky? Well you can get the noodles and the pocky (in a bundle pack) for cheap at great site for j-pop and anime as well kind of a asian

Update: Rurouni Kenshin is to be realeased by viz (ranma, utena). WHo says they have it licensed but are not sure what will happen: could be in shonen jump,could be released as graphic novel manga or both! ( and
Also ever have pocky? Alll otaku's should at least have it once! I just tried it for first time (choc, strawberry) excellent!. And affordable. (see anywhere that sells anime pretty much)


Monday, April 28, 2003

Man I would love to own any of three naru statues but they are 129$$$ if you would like to give me yours or donate $$$ let me know! Also rurouni Kenshin the manga is to appear in shonen jump usa! (gonna have to check that out.)

Hey fellow otaku's! New anime on tv! Dual! Parallel debuts on techtv tomorrow. I wonder if it is good? Cause so far the only anime I like on ttv is lain. I'll let you know. Also,man love hina is popular! The collectibles are sold out all over only certain stuff remains! Plenty manga and dvds though! Also looking for some photos of ladies on the streets of japan etc see oh and think you would miss nothing of the states in Japan? Well what about peanut butter,root beer and beloved cereals. Hardly found in Japan and disliked.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Yay the magic users club was released on dvd! Just kidding actually this show is as bad as they get not even on the rental shelf (i say this rarely) has it, but don't get it!

Red faction 2 is very cool. Gaming is cool. Looking for hard to find games or imports? Anime etc. check out and for stuff (particularly comics game based-funny!) see

HEy not just anime and all games to latest: red faction 2 (xbox) great fps! Look into it. See for more