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Saturday, April 26, 2003

You probably don't know this but I am working on a web site! Here are the contents:Lain- ep guide, series review,art. Akira-review. PRincess mononoke and spirited away reviews. And of course love hina:ep guide (tv,then movies then love hina again. Before that manga 12-14 manga guide as well. art. Reviews of lh stuff: specials, series overall, manga series overall.
Of course the site will not be completed till 2004 in terms of lh stuff. Other anime will likely be added. Art by me send yours though.,ann,anipike,animehit,animenation,animecastle,advfilms,bandai,love hina sites galore! Thats it! Look for it someday! (very early now)

Hey see that banner above? Well they have anime dvd for cheap! Like all 25 eps of love hina for 40$ hears the catch though I know nothing about them. And am guessing this is fan stuff, import or something you know bootleg. I wish I had the cash and guts to try and order it (plus the flicks spring and xmas only like 12$ a piece) any way just a warning.

Okay remember I told you that an employee of the spja was up to know good. Against the fans. WEll apparently he was an ex so it may have not been true but I still don't trust them!

Friday, April 25, 2003

About time to go to bed got my fan fic for techtv done! Try to get it here if I don't win. Also look me up on I am lovehinaotaku

Reason I mentioned animenation is this they had john (of the ask john column) go on the pop japan otaku trip tons of photos and stuff to see! HE also has a column q on ronins (not just love hina!)

HEy I noticed something animecastle is cheaper than animenation! I can get (you as well) sakura diaries box set for 35$ at ac vs 40 $ at an. Love hina dvds are about 3$ less a piece at ac as well. I am so bumed # 10 of love hina is out and I am only ready to read 6 ! BY late june I should have read 7-9 and watched sakura diaries (whole)

Want animewallpaper? Go to!

Have you ever seen or heard of Burn up excess (and its jiggle meter) well I just finished the series (4 vol. dvd) Verdict: Rental. As for love hina manga 4 & 5 awesome of course! Looking forward to: getting six (very soon) seven through nine by june 1 also am looking into sakura diaries. Now to work on my fan fic! Oh see its been updated.

Also see for news/reviews and and is back up!

Animeunleashed (techtv ) is haveing a fan fic contest for lain vs lame chick from crest of stars. I am entering and may get (if not win) it on or here. I am sorry about the love hina stuff not being done. An anime a day will keep the doctor awaY!

Hey check out the new anipike! It is redesigned has reviews and a column by John mays of ann. Also it seems cn (cartoon network) is not showing new eps (episodes) of kenshin for awhile. Oldies (1-30) for now! Send them hate mail! Also I got my love hina manga (4 & 5) let you know what I think.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Yeah I am getting ranma 1/2 manga 1! Will let you know if I like it. Also so far I have enjoyed the love hina manga (way more than the dvd series) and am getting #4.

Hey new blog all otaku! All the time so lets get started with this anime thing! An otaku is a fan of something (anime in particular) anime is a very artisic creative orignial (or not) form of animation done in japanese style, Check out these fave sites of mine! (ranma rules) (good source) and also see for news and reviews! see my old blog for a bit more! My fave anime include: noir, ranma, and many films! My absolute fave is love hina! See hinalove or love hina google search. Also manga are black and white comics (pretty thick) with the distinctive style read backwords. Also see to do some shopping look for the following in the future: snack review, debates etc. more links