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Sunday, November 07, 2004

As I begin writing this halo 2 will be (officially) available at many midnight release parties (I hope to attend one) the game was leaked in french edition and earlier this week began selling ahead of time in the middle of the states. Reviews are now up on many game sites like gamespot and gamespy and its all good. If I don't get a copy now I at least need one for christmas!

Then you have the DS coming out the 21st of this month! I plan to get one if I have to do some trading of older games/consoles to get one. I particularly want sega's dating sim game Feel xy/xx looks fun! :)

Speaking of dating sims I figured I'd be one for the genre as I'm such a fan of love/comedy anime's and hentai anime so I finally tried one. Come see me tonight.

Come see me tonight Review:

Well I have enjoyed the game but still have mixed feelings about having dropped the 40$ for it (best price I could get) and am not sure I am happy about the money being spent on it, furthermore I will not be buying the sequel which I feel seems to have rehashed the characters and story its damn near the same thing!

Graphics- Awesome! Especially the sex pics obviously. Like most hentai games it is not moving but still pics with text. It is annoying having to go through the junk over and over though.. its only fun to read the same story once but thankfully each girl is different and then there is the grand finale which I skipped to after only beating it once and thats the HAREM!!!! :) Very nice stuff my congratulations go out to artist Maruto! You can gawk at the pics anytime in the extras menu once you unlock them all (I'm only half way there as you need to beat the game with each girl and the harem ending- multiple times even)

Audio- Fine nothing special in fact I'd say poor if it weren't a hentai game but it is. The music works fine, fits the games happy go lucky feeling. 16 tracks in total all unlockable and listenable in the extras menu

gameplay- well its a "visual novel" so gamplay is a joke. All you need is a mouse and then you just click and read and click....

Story- Shallow but most H games are I hear, for the most part who cares right? hehe. Nah I like story but this game is not one with much of a story I'd say on a scale of 0-5 it earns a 2-3 pt score.

Overall 7-8 pt score.

Now I have a new lupin dvd to watch also!

Oh and while I'm at it I'd like to highly recommend a new beverage I recently sampled (alright I drank two 20oz bottles) Kirin milk tea its delicious! Get some at either animenation or animecastle for about the price of two sodas

Friday, October 08, 2004

Shenmue update:

At TGS I believe it was YU SUZUKI sega's man spoke of the shenmue series which is slow moving these last hell over 5 years starting on the sega saturn and not being finished until it hit dreamcast where only the first game was finished anyway they also did a CG movie and the series is very very original and fun next up we get an online game being planned for late 2005 not sure on everything but I'm interested very much so I want to get back over the story! Including this game or others but come on!

Nintendo Summit

Wow its been awhile! A long while! Well nintendo held a summit sharing info on the coming DS system and I am behind them, Ill be buying one of these when it comes out this holiday november 21st for 150$ and I know two games both date sims I'll be getting including sega's feel xy/xx game also seen at TGS in japan. Several other games including the mario games and animal crossing I am considering. This is my main deal this holiday!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Well I was thinking about my goals for life and on that list is a popjapan travel trip. The company offers trips for a few grand and plans it all for you though spending money is needed to. I hope to go as a reward after college (meaning I hope family will help me go!) I'd like to go during spring/summer and experience old japan and some new and go again in fall/winter for more pop culture and some snow festival. Of course I also have plans to visit England and other places to, maybe find and befriend some hotties maybe come back with one either from japan or england or something.

Manga- Reading Negima and Ai love you both of which are by Akamatsu of love hina fame AI love you thankfully is published by Tokyopop so it comes out faster but negima is by Del rey and takes awhile for new issues to come out, not to mention I believe akamatsu is still working on it. I hear and would not doubt an anime for negima will soon come!

Anime- Right now All I have going is Azumanga daioh but I should start kino's journey soon and Steamboy is coming out this winter other than that I don't see much over the next few months.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


The nightmare before christmas game will be released after christmas! haha now thats ironic

Friday, July 30, 2004

Book Review:

Wow George Orwell's 1984 book was great! Very good! I just picked up the film which from the first half I'd say is pretty good and would say watch it when you finish the book.

Also just read a great christian/teen ww2 novel by Dean Hughes called Soldier boys, I thought it was pretty good.

I should get around to reading xxxholic here soon and comments will follow when I do. Also soon will review the lupin mangas. Also next anime to begin along side azumanga is kino's journey.

Azumanga Daioh manga

The azumanga daioh manga was good but I'd say its really really close to the anime I noticed very few differences between the first manga and the first few anime episodes but maybe the manga lasts longer than the 26 ep anime or something but right now I'd say both are equally good and very very similar. Good rating not excellent but good just like the anime, 4 out of 5 rating.

PC game reviews!

Ice Breaker by Reflexive

Is out now it seems a bit like ice climbers by nintendo reminds me of that game anyway. This is a puzzle title, it has a story mode but heh lame simple as that. And a prize mode where you gain items. The game is fine and some may like it but as for me I didn't much care for it. Timing seemed off to I would have released this in winter not late summer. SO-SO rating not bad but not good or excellent. 2 out of 4 score. Don't buy this one try it at most.

Magic Ball also by Reflexive

This one doesn't have great visuals I like them and then I don't it sort of has a blurry retro look to it which works but heh. The mouse setup was a bit to fast but that can be adjusted and the game was fun to play if you like the richochet extreme titles though I prefer them this one adds some cool 3d effects and design to it. Good but not excellent which By the way I'd say the ricochet extreme games are excellent. So consider buying this one if you like the ricochet games, its at least worth playing but not necessarily buying.

Friday, July 23, 2004

My birthday has come and gone. It was great. I recieved a copy of players choice edition of soul calibur 2 but now need a new controller to play multi as my old one has been broken. I recieved money fortunately so I can afford this. And maybe I've been thinking of trying out battlefield vietnam though I have my reservations or issues with it. We'll see. I also finally got halo for pc which is great and btw a new trailer is out give it a watch man I can't wait for halo 2 I just hope I can finally get xbox live to play it with. Other than that Not much in the area of anime been thinking about watching kino's journey a new series out on dvd and learned of to my brothers pleasure a new blue gender series.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


Well I just bought myself a used copy of lost in translation, its
a great film well worth watching over and over again and owning much
like last samurai which I bought awhile back. I almost bought the 40$
wolf's rain vol. 1 boxset but didn't, maybe later. Also picked up 20$
Soul calibur 2 for gc yay! And halo for pc so I got some gaming to do
this summer still. Reading 1984 by george orwell its a classic and so
far a pretty good one. Other than that some news is floating about that
nintendo's DS will come in the second week of november for 180$ and
games at some 30+ dollars as much as 40$ possibly! I don't even buy
that many at the current price so heh. Ok later